Monday, July 30, 2012

Cheers & Jeers returns

This is usually a mindless post for me to post my opinions on celebrity gossip and such but I must say that 2 very serious JEERS were what made me want to return to Cheers and Jeers today....

CHEERS to Robin Roberts for her open battle with MDS. My Nana died from this horrible disease and I pray all the best for Ms. Roberts as she battles this herself. I know how hard it was for my Nana to handle and I cannot imagine going through such a disease in the public eye. I find it incredibly strong of her to be open about her disease and I cannot imagine what it would be like to battle cancer in the first place let alone in the public eye. I applaud her courage and pray her battle through this awful disease has a happy ending.

JEERS to comedians(and I am SURE there are more than just these two for making light of extremely serious events. Tosh.0 recently apologized for a rape joke but apparently his dead baby joke is still funny to him as it is on his site! In this joke they show a realistic baby cake being cut into (which i admit IS weird) while he makes 20 seconds worth of miscarriage, dead baby, and abortion jokes.... then jokes about celebrating a co-workers abortion with horrific 'dead fetus' cupcakes. HERE is the video - it IS disturbing!

Dane Cook also made a stupid dead baby joke that I recently watched. Something about swearing on his unborn child that he didn't eat his friend's ice cream and then went on to say that in the future if he has a child and something happens and this child dies that his friend will think he ate his ice cream and he would call him up and say no dude that was a fluke I swear on my NEXT unborn child. He recently apologized for joking about the Colorado theater massacre (no dead baby joke apology that i could find)....FREAKING MORON that crap is NOT funny! WTH is wrong with these comedians?

CHEERS to Katie Holmes for what seems to be her motherly instinct to protect her daughter from the Scientologists. I am not one to judge other religious beliefs but the research out there shows it to be a very scary and controlling religion. I am not condoning divorce just saying cheers to her for protecting her daughter!

JEERS to the woman who BLOGGED about her abortion - pics and all....Seriously? NO ONE wants to see your abortion in a jar and that fact that this woman decided to blog about her abortion in NO way is heroic. Honestly it's just sickening. My friend posted about this on Facebook and I believe she is pro-choice so she probably thought this was great because it “proved” that there is no “LIFE” at 6 weeks. Well I beg to differ THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I saw my child's HEARTBEAT at 6 weeks! Don't tell me there's no life then. If you choose to do the appalling act of abortion (sorry if you are pro-choice – I am not and this is my blog so I can state my opinions I do not wish to debate them with you and will not post stupid comments that people make in regards to this so don't bother) then DEAL with the fact that you killed a child don't write a freaking blog to make yourself feel better – SO STUPID – and INCREDIBLY disrespectful to your child's life and to every person out there who has lost a child. ADOPTION PEOPLE – ADOPTION! Ugh – that is all I will say.... THIS is the article which links to the blog post which IS disturbing!

CHEERS to Matthew McConnaughey for finally getting hitched! According to THIS article they are going to have a 3rd child too - CONGRATS! They are one beautiful family :)


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life as I now know it....loving every minute!

Things have improved greatly in the past month to say the very least. My rainbow has developed into quite the little sweetheart and is already showing so much personality! He began to sleep much better at the beginning of July which was certainly a blessing.

We wish that we could have Logan start sleeping in his own room but we can't run an air conditioner in both rooms so it would be far too hot - which is not safe for our little one - so he still sleeps in our room in his Rock N Play. I hope that when we can transition him to his own space he will do well. Given the coming changes in our life it's probably better to not move him now - he'll have a whole new HOUSE to get used to soon :) :) :)

THAT'S RIGHT! We bought a house (those who are friends with me on Facebook SHHHH don't say anything on my wall please!) :) No exact closing date yet but in the next couple months we will be out of this apartment and into our OWN HOUSE! I am so THRILLED to be done renting soon! The fact that it barely costs more for the mortgage then it does to rent is also a HUGE bonus :)

Soooo the surprises of mommyhood - my my there are so many!

I think the biggest one is the lack of sleep - "they" tell you to sleep while you can - blah blah blah as if getting tons beforehand will help you when you get none - not the case! I must say it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for me to prepare myself for what my body went through with all the hormone changes after having Logan let alone the added stress of NO sleep! It was a surprise and a crappy one at that. But as everyone (who at the time I wanted to slap - LOL) told me - it does get better. The 3 weeks or so have been a blissful time - sure there have been moments - but for the most part we are in a nice groove around here and mommy is loving it.

Logan has so many more smiles and is just such a character!! Another surprise is how FAST his personality showed up - just so darn cute! Makes every little second worth it. I could be in the WORST most sleep deprived state and when he looks at me with that genuine smile it just brightens my LIFE! I'm so blessed!

Doesn't that smile just make you melt!!!

So far I must say he is not to the age where I feel like I can get a whole lot accomplished AT ALL! I mean - no complaints - I LOVE hanging with the little dude but I am rather terrified of packing!!! Yikes! I hated it before I had Logan to take care of - it could be rather dreadful! Thank goodness for GREAT grandparents because man are we gonna need their help to get things done around here!!

I turned 31 on the 22nd of July and my boy turned 12 weeks :) Technically he will be 3 months old on the 29th! He's growing SO FAST!!!

Well I know there was more to say LOL but baby brain is ever present and my mind has no flipping clue what else I was going to write - sooooo for now enjoy this you tube video and check out my boy's personality in full swing :)

Riley, Peyton, & Cameron, Mommy and daddy love you so much. As we see Logan grow we are sad for all the moments we missed with the three of you :( Love each other with all your might until we can all be together

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Butterfly Angel Memorial Art

I have been thinking of creating this memorial art for months and finally had a spare moment to do a couple. I have created a listing in my Etsy shop for those who may be interested: 

 There are 6 butterfly wing colors and the "angel" can be painted in any way you like :) Name and/or date can be added also :) 


Saturday, July 14, 2012

My MUST have baby items

Well this is a popular blog among moms out there so I figured I could join in, I mean why not right? ;)

Here is my list of items I can't imagine not having for baby Logan :)

***I am in no way being paid by any of these companies (I wish I was LOL) these are just my personal choices of must haves that I can't imagine not having!***

1.) Fisher Price Discover 'n Grow Kick and Play Piano (say THAT 10 times fast LOL)
This is an awesome item for Logan he literally loved every minute of kicking and playing on this thing for hours over the last couple of days alone! He LOVES it! I'm not a sports fan but this has me thinking he may be a soccer player LOL ;)

You can check out one of my recent posts for a video of Logan playing on the piano mat! 

2.) Fisher Price Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper (I SWEAR I am not working for Fisher Price LOL)
This is what Logan sleeps in PERIOD! If he's not sleeping on a human he's sleeping in this LOL. It was a necessity given his reflux issues and will be his sleeping area for awhile still - at least a couple months. We have the neutral version that could work for either gender :)

SO adorable I know ;) 
3.) Diaper Bag: Thirty One Gifts Organizing Utility Tote (the link takes you to a "review" of the item)
I LOVE me some Thirty One items and this bag ROCKS for a diaper bag! Lots of outer pockets and plenty of space in the center. Durable handles - trust me I put a lot of stuff in that diaper bag it gets HEAVY! I picked a cute bold floral pattern (kinda girly but hey I'm a girl!) but it is blue and green colors - I don't think Logan cares LOL

this is the fabric I have and the same bag but mine has different personalization on it

4.) MOBY - I love, love, love it! Now I personally MADE mine but it's still the same idea :)
Logan is a huge fan of the Moby :) To make mine all I did was get 5 yards (although I'm not a small girl so 5 1/2 yards would have been better) of 100% cotton fabric (the real Moby is made with cotton jersey I believe) and then I cut the width to 24 inches and hemmed all the edges. I also placed a little tag marker directly in the center of the piece of fabric - as the real Moby has that too to help with wrapping. I used this video to learn how to use it :)

EDIT**** we have now (7/31/12) also come to love the Beco Butterfly 2 baby carrier - it is a bit easier and quicker to put on and easier to feel secure now that Logan is over 12 lbs. and getting bigger by the hour it seems LOL here is a picture :O)

5.) Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine (with light)
This thing is fabulous! It has a light that you can push on at the top - which has been great if Logan makes noise in the middle of the night I can see if he's okay - I used to sleep with the light on but now I push it on if I have to check on him (he's still in our room sleeping in the Rock N Play). It make a variety of sounds we keep it on a white noise one that resembles a fan sound. You can also play lullabies that are on there or connect your ipod to it. Cool stuff! Also helpful to mommy who can't sleep when there's no power (as I ALWAYS have a fan on) so there's batteries in there in case the power goes out too (we used it once a few months before Logan was born when the power went out LOL)

6.) NUK binkie - literally ALL Logan will use!
Hilariously enough he REALLY seems to LOVE the frog one he has - it came in a pack of 2 but the other one that is JUST like it he spits out LOL - too weird - also odd since I LOVE frogs LOL ;) They are marked 6 months+ but seriously the kid will use NOTHING else - and they ARE supposed to be the best orthopedically or however you spell it ;)

7.) Diaper Champ (we have have an older version then this link shows but same idea)
This is a GREAT item! You don't need SPECIAL bags for it so we can use our normal garbage bags which is GREAT! With how many diapers this kid goes through this is a MUST HAVE for sure! Also it is really useful in keeping the smelliness contained so you don't have to take the garbage out every single day - especially nice given we live in a 2nd floor apartment. Anyways I can't say enough about how much the Diaper Champ rocks :)

8.) Dr. Brown's Bottles & Bottle Steamer
They DO have extra parts but I really believe that these bottles have been very helpful with not making Logan's gas issues worse :) The vent and straw which are the EXTRA parts help keep the air from getting into the nipple - at least that's what it says LOL. I only bought 8 oz. bottles - I don't see the point of the smaller ones - you'll only need them for so long anyways the bottles are MARKED with ounces so you can fill it with as little or as much as 8 oz. I bought a steamer from someone for $5 the link goes to the one that closely resembles it (and the maker is Avent). Until we have a dish washer it is FAR easier than boiling the bottles! 

9.) Rompers & Sleepers that ZIP up!
I LOVE one piece rompers! They are amazing! So easy and just - well - great - especially when it coems to changing diapers - just unbutton the bottom and BOOM change the diaper! ALSO I love onesies and snap all the way up because I am SURE I am not the only mom with a baby who does NOT like clothes pulled over his head (I hate buttoning them BUT I hate a sad crying baby more)! Sleepers that zip - same thing - diaper changing is easy and the ease of use is FAR better then all those dumb buttons (which are even HARDER to button when you are half asleep for middle of the night feedings)! 

zip up sleeper (and the beloved piano mat again)


10.)  Cloth diapers for burp cloths (from Wally Mart)
Ok so burp cloths they sell at stores - ya know the cute ones? Yea they SUCK! Or I should say they DON'T suck because they literally don't suck up ANY spit up! I mean honestly my SHIRT might as well be the burp cloth because those cloths are good for nothing but being cute - which is therefore USELESS! Sooooo I use tri fold cloth diapers that I got in a pack or 10 or 12 from Wally Mart for like $10 I think! They are GREAT and have saved many a shirt :)

11.) Fisher Price Cradle 'N Swing
Love this swing - first of all it is freaking CUTE and gives your baby little bunny ears when he/she is in it and secondly Logan loves it :) Other than the piano mat it is all I have that entertains him right now! It is GREAT because it can swing side to side OR front to back! AWESOME! Also the cute mobile moves around which Logan loves to watch - and there is a mirrored part that keeps his attention. There is also music and nature sounds available - though as another blogger mommy mentioned - the music does turn off after awhile which could wake some babies up and the mobile stops turning too!

Few other little things - gas drops (LOVE them), a carseat with a triangle handle (I find it MUCH easier to hold) that fits into a stroller - and a mirror for the car so I can see Logan while I am driving (I need one with a LIGHT though so I can see him at night!)

Edit**** (7/31/12) Logan LOVES baths and I recently got a little sort of chair insert for his infant tub! It is PERFECT because supporting his head while he kicks away and has a good time is NOT EASY so this has been a life saver :) THIS is the exact product we bought.


Riley, Peyton, Cameron,
Mommy and daddy love you and miss you SO much! We will tell Logan all about you! Riley & Peyton please hug and kiss Nana extra tight tomorrow and tell her how much you have loved her being with you for the past year and Cameron make sure to tell her how happy you are she was there with open arms waiting for you when you went home to Heaven. We miss you ALL so much! Hug and kiss Nana for me and hug and kiss each other from me and daddy and Logan! We love you, love you, LOVE YOU!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Growing boy!

I realized after my last post that I never posted Logan's ONE month picture - so here they are to compare - along with some other recent photos.... I have things to talk about but I am too dang tired right now to do so ;) LOL and with the boy laying on me it would be too annoying to type much ;)



check out my gun ;)

sleepy sprawler

he loves grandpas beanbag (don't worry a wide awake adult is ALWAYS right next to him)

he is now obsessed with his tongue


Oh my how I love my boy!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2 months!

My boy turned 2 months old last Friday :) He's so flippin' handsome! He got some vaccines on Monday :( UGH! Mommy did NOT handle that well...Logan did much better lol though he is NOT a baby that sleeps more after vaccines - yikes! Seriously when a baby is born you should lose all need for sleep!! Wouldn't that be great!?! Soooooo not the case however :( Eh life is still great! My mom and dad leave for camping for a week om Saturday and I am dreading the boredom that is bound to come while they are gone. With Nate working at night and (sadly) really no friends to hang out with life can be lonely around here. In this small town area there is not much to do either.... i digress... i love to hang with my boy but i think you all understand what i mean...i hope! A lot of changes are on the forefront... more to come about that in the near future :) All good things (and no - oh my goodness - i am not pregnant again!) ENJOY THE PICTURES!
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