Monday, July 30, 2012

Cheers & Jeers returns

This is usually a mindless post for me to post my opinions on celebrity gossip and such but I must say that 2 very serious JEERS were what made me want to return to Cheers and Jeers today....

CHEERS to Robin Roberts for her open battle with MDS. My Nana died from this horrible disease and I pray all the best for Ms. Roberts as she battles this herself. I know how hard it was for my Nana to handle and I cannot imagine going through such a disease in the public eye. I find it incredibly strong of her to be open about her disease and I cannot imagine what it would be like to battle cancer in the first place let alone in the public eye. I applaud her courage and pray her battle through this awful disease has a happy ending.

JEERS to comedians(and I am SURE there are more than just these two for making light of extremely serious events. Tosh.0 recently apologized for a rape joke but apparently his dead baby joke is still funny to him as it is on his site! In this joke they show a realistic baby cake being cut into (which i admit IS weird) while he makes 20 seconds worth of miscarriage, dead baby, and abortion jokes.... then jokes about celebrating a co-workers abortion with horrific 'dead fetus' cupcakes. HERE is the video - it IS disturbing!

Dane Cook also made a stupid dead baby joke that I recently watched. Something about swearing on his unborn child that he didn't eat his friend's ice cream and then went on to say that in the future if he has a child and something happens and this child dies that his friend will think he ate his ice cream and he would call him up and say no dude that was a fluke I swear on my NEXT unborn child. He recently apologized for joking about the Colorado theater massacre (no dead baby joke apology that i could find)....FREAKING MORON that crap is NOT funny! WTH is wrong with these comedians?

CHEERS to Katie Holmes for what seems to be her motherly instinct to protect her daughter from the Scientologists. I am not one to judge other religious beliefs but the research out there shows it to be a very scary and controlling religion. I am not condoning divorce just saying cheers to her for protecting her daughter!

JEERS to the woman who BLOGGED about her abortion - pics and all....Seriously? NO ONE wants to see your abortion in a jar and that fact that this woman decided to blog about her abortion in NO way is heroic. Honestly it's just sickening. My friend posted about this on Facebook and I believe she is pro-choice so she probably thought this was great because it “proved” that there is no “LIFE” at 6 weeks. Well I beg to differ THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I saw my child's HEARTBEAT at 6 weeks! Don't tell me there's no life then. If you choose to do the appalling act of abortion (sorry if you are pro-choice – I am not and this is my blog so I can state my opinions I do not wish to debate them with you and will not post stupid comments that people make in regards to this so don't bother) then DEAL with the fact that you killed a child don't write a freaking blog to make yourself feel better – SO STUPID – and INCREDIBLY disrespectful to your child's life and to every person out there who has lost a child. ADOPTION PEOPLE – ADOPTION! Ugh – that is all I will say.... THIS is the article which links to the blog post which IS disturbing!

CHEERS to Matthew McConnaughey for finally getting hitched! According to THIS article they are going to have a 3rd child too - CONGRATS! They are one beautiful family :)


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