Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thirty-One Fun!

I am excited that I have officially become a Thirty-One Independent Consultant!

Thirty-One is a faith based company that are all about Celebrating, encouraging, and rewarding women. Their company name is from Proverbs THIRTY ONE :) I have loved their products for over a year and am very excited to share their items with others and pray that this new venture
takes me wherever God uses it to lead me!

Thirty-One's Mission:  "Thirty-One is more than just a company we are people who believe in celebrating, encouraging, and rewarding women for who they are. Through God's strength we've built a family of individuals who feel women deserve to treat themselves and those around them to something special. Our commitment is to provide women with a fulfilling, enjoyable, and rewarding experience one person at a time"

My first home party is April 6th and I have a goal to reach $1,000 in sales my first month so that I will be reimbursed for my kit ($99)! ALSO it just happens that my parties fall within an incentive time so I will also gain a free summer kit with new products to show at parties :)

Here are some items I have created (you know the artist in me HAD to create items for my table!) to help advertise at parties :)

The first three photos are a wooden bag I purchased for $1 at Michael's and painted it to hold pens for my parties :)

Te next two photos are my "Book a Party, Pick a Prize" board :)
 (the board was $7 at Dollar General - I added the blue ribbon and bling and made the envelopes, tag, and the Heart was purchased at Michael's for $1 and painted)

 This is a frame I purchased at Michael's for $1 and painted with a modified version of the Island Damazk print. I also added all the bling! Currently it has the hostess rewards in it and the hostess exclusives on the back - it is being held by a huge pink clothes pin that I purchased at Micahel's for $3 and painted the thirty one logo on it!

 My box full of my kit AND many items I already had!

CLIPBOARDS!!! I bought them for $1.99 each at Office Max. I blinged up the metal part and I added scrap book paper to each. Then I added the words and outlined them with pink zebra print washi tape :)

SUPER EXCITED to have my first party! I will make sure to take pictures of my table at the party!!
Join me in my Facebook Group and be asked to be invited to it! It is SPECIAL for my Thirty-One Customers. Soon I will be offering contests, etc. for members of the group!!

Customizable, Fun Organization with Jessica Malloy:

And NO post is complete without a pic of my cutie rainbow baby Logan! Can you believe he is 11 months tomorrow! I know I can't! WOW!


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