Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Shower and getting closer.....

So I know I have been super horrible about updating this blog since I have been pregnant - I admit it totally and completely! But ya know what? When preparing for a baby there is just SO much on your mind - yikes! Then of course I hit 34 weeks (I am now 36w3d) and it was like I ran into a brick wall - just NO energy! Geesh!

So here is the long awaited baby shower photos :) Mainly this post will be pictures because in all honesty I don't have the energy to come up with a word filled post (sad I know). The bigger Logan gets the less useful I become LOL!

This group of photos was from the first shower that was at the end of Feb. - the theme was pirate - as that is Logan's nursery theme :)
A dear friend made this to hang at the shower!

Logan's chest I painted was used for cards :)

His letters for his room were also decoration

My little sis, me. and my mom :)

Some of the presents :)

Some of the guests :)

Super cute cakes!

His room theme is pirates - how cute it this onesie?

AWESOME Rug for Logan's room!

His bouncer :) It vibrates and has a heartbeat sound - very cool 

The baby einstein jumper - my friends baby was fascinated by it LOL

Ornament that says "It's a boy!" SO CUTE!

These next few photos are from my second shower that was March 10th at my cousin's house - it was mainly family members (from my dad's side of the family) and a few close friends :)

Cake my cousin made - it was amazingly yummy as always!

Me with the cake :)

My cousin who threw the shower (to the left of me) and my sister to my right - playing a game :)

the beautiful blanket my aunt made!

Yea so I LOVE frogs so this blanket ROCKS :) hehe!

More frogs! SCORE! Love it! Even a cute little hat!

This is a fabulous floor gym thing - Logan can kick the piano hehe :)
Both my showers were lovely and I was EXTREMELY BLESSED! Logan now has all the items he needs - we did just order his take home onesie but that should be here in time I hope :)

Here are all the alphabet paintings :) They are done - now I am just waiting on my dad to stain a huge board so that we can screw all the canvases to it (and by we I mean him LOL). Once that and the shelf (to hang Logan's letters on) are done we can hang the last couple decorations and his room will be complete!

A-L that I posted back around Halloween!
Moon & Nest

Owl & Penguin
Queen & Robot

Snail & Turtle

Umbrella & Viper

Watermelon & Xylophone

Yellow Jacket & Zebra
The entire group - this is how they will be laid out on the board :)

My last ultrasound was March 15th when I was 34w3d and Logan was estimated to weight almost 6 lbs. - he's a big boy!

He is getting to the point now where he is making mama VERY uncomfortable! Soooo I am hoping that since I am full term on Monday that he will choose to be ready a bit early! That would be nice!

Riley, Peyton, & Cameron,

Mommy and Daddy love you so very much :) We will tell Logan all about you! Please take care of each other and tell Nana we miss her so much too! So glad she can be with you and that one day we will all be together. We will never forget you my loves! <3

Monday, March 12, 2012

More Logan love

As promised a LONG time ago (sorry) here is Logan's crib but also how much I have done with his room in about a week :)

I hung up the curtains (there is tin foil on the windows to block out light)  and made up the crib and hung the decorations

Logan's dresser (it was painted years ago - doesn't match perfectly but oh well), storage for toys and the large thing to the right is my husband's closet that he shares with Logan now ;) 

Close up of the top of the dresser - Pirate Mr. Potato Head, pirate ship I painted, soon to be used frame, etc. 

Quilt hanging up and the 3 wall hangings that came with the bedroom set

Shelf to represent Riley, Peyton, and Cameron - with angels from Mary (thank you so much again!) I plan to add their Heaven's Doves photos soon :)

The FABULOUS rug in Logan's room - I LOVE it!

Not much to say at the moment as I am SO tired - pregnancy fatigue mixed with stupid daylight savings time messing me up.... I will post sometime soon about my baby showers (which were GREAT) and the sonogram I have coming up on THURSDAY! Yippeee.... to hold you over check out this AWESOME video I made!

Logan has been VERY active today - this was his movements during Lullabelly time (it's a belt you wear with a speaker that plays the music loud enough for him to hear it but not TOO loud) - He was listening to Baby Einstein - though all you can hear is what I was watching - House Hunters ;)

Riley, Peyton, and Cameron - Mommy and Daddy love you SO very much! Please watch over us and tell Nana how much I love her and how much your grandma (my mommy) misses her too! <3 

My angels plaques are now all up on the living room wall :)

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