Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Logan was just too darn cute for one costume!! Sorry for the lack of blogging - I'd promise I'll get better but I probably won't....I'll do the best I can :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Capture your grief....

I have decided to TRY to participate in CarlyMarie Project Heal/ Capture Your Grief.

I say "try" because I will do the best I can but as I am sure all my regular readers know that I have not been great about updating my blog since having my precious rainbow baby Logan. So with that said I will do my best to participate with the photos when I can.

First Day 1 is sunrise - I'm not gonna lie I think I have seen VERY few sunrises in my life - I am not a morning person! Soooo I'll skip that one.

Day 2: Before Loss Self Portait

This is a photo that I used for my Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope story. This was before my husband and I were married.

Day 3: After Loss Self Portrait

Me at the Walk to Remember in 2010 after the loss of Riley (2/11/10) and Peyton (8/19/10) 

Day 4: Treasured Item

This was created by Dana of The Midnight Orange - she makes beautiful memorial pieces and other lovely art. I cherish this item that was made for Riley and Peyton - I also have a necklace I love with ALL my children's names on it!

More to come when I have time <3

EDIT: 10/26/12 - I got overwhelmed this month and just didn't have the strength to go through all the rest of the month now so I apologize but I will not be finishing the rest....

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