Wednesday, September 23, 2015


CONFIDENCE! We all have the potential to have confidence! You CAN improve it! I promise and I am proof! Love yourselves.

Check out my video below :)
(man those freeze frames kill me LOL)

It's an epidemic in this country. Lack of confidence. Our society really kills our confidence.
So set a goal. SCREW THE WORLD'S VIEWS! Love yourself. Love others.


Imagine how much better the world would be if we all looked for the BEAUTY in things and didn't judge everything that we saw. Just imagine. It would be great. It all starts somewhere.
Start a revolution of confidence. A pandemic of beauty. An epidemic of PURE AWESOMENESS!

Do it! Feel free to share my video if you would like - make your own even
(thought I understand not liking videos - I got over that with my increased confidence - thanks to my Younique tutorials)! Oh and on those crap days have a killer awesome friend to talk to who always makes things better :)
Post some positive quotes sometimes on your FB - SMILE more often at strangers. 

A smile can change a day! 


Be beautiful! Own it! Know it! LIVE IT! 
Much love to you all!

<3 Riley, Peyton, Cameron - love you my sweets - keep watching over us <3

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Just a little blog change up! VIDEOS! That way I can BLOG but won't keep missing out because of lack of time! Hope you enjoy :)

Me with my boys - a daily survivor of mommy guilt ;)

I got all made up to go to work right AFTER this video ;) 
Another thing - NO MOMMY GUILT about not being all made up all the time! WHO IS?

I SELL makeup for goodness sake! Most of the time I look like I do in that video ladies!
This is the REAL WORLD let's start acting that way!
<3 <3 <3

Feel free to comment below :)
Maybe no ones watching but I still like to let you mommies know - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

<3 Riley, Peyton, Cameron,

We all miss you and love you soo much - give Nana lots of hugs and kisses!
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