Monday, March 12, 2012

More Logan love

As promised a LONG time ago (sorry) here is Logan's crib but also how much I have done with his room in about a week :)

I hung up the curtains (there is tin foil on the windows to block out light)  and made up the crib and hung the decorations

Logan's dresser (it was painted years ago - doesn't match perfectly but oh well), storage for toys and the large thing to the right is my husband's closet that he shares with Logan now ;) 

Close up of the top of the dresser - Pirate Mr. Potato Head, pirate ship I painted, soon to be used frame, etc. 

Quilt hanging up and the 3 wall hangings that came with the bedroom set

Shelf to represent Riley, Peyton, and Cameron - with angels from Mary (thank you so much again!) I plan to add their Heaven's Doves photos soon :)

The FABULOUS rug in Logan's room - I LOVE it!

Not much to say at the moment as I am SO tired - pregnancy fatigue mixed with stupid daylight savings time messing me up.... I will post sometime soon about my baby showers (which were GREAT) and the sonogram I have coming up on THURSDAY! Yippeee.... to hold you over check out this AWESOME video I made!

Logan has been VERY active today - this was his movements during Lullabelly time (it's a belt you wear with a speaker that plays the music loud enough for him to hear it but not TOO loud) - He was listening to Baby Einstein - though all you can hear is what I was watching - House Hunters ;)

Riley, Peyton, and Cameron - Mommy and Daddy love you SO very much! Please watch over us and tell Nana how much I love her and how much your grandma (my mommy) misses her too! <3 

My angels plaques are now all up on the living room wall :)


  1. How exciting that he is almost here!!!!'s crazy that around this time last year you were healing from surgery. Can't wait to meet him!

  2. You have done such a beautiful job! I LOVE the way you have decorated Logan's room! The pirate theme is super cute. I like how it is something that even an older boy can enjoy, not just a baby.

    Thank you so much for your gifts for my family! We all really love them! You are so very talented:)

    You and your precious babies are so very special to me that it was a priviledge to send you a little something for each of them. You are very welcome, but I must tell you that I feel like it is me who should be thanking you. Thank you for your friendship and for sharing your precious children with me. Thank you for loving my children even though you have never met any of them. Thank you for always including Micah when you talk about my children. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about that because it means so very much to me. To so many people Micah doesn't exist. They act as if Micah never existed, but not you. To you Micah is just as real as my living children. You never separate Micah or act as if Micah is any less important. That right there is the most thoughful thing anyone could ever do for me and you do it every time we talk.
    You are such a special friend and I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

    I am so sorry for my long comment. My emotions just started spilling out and I had to share them with you.

    Thank you for listening and for being a great friend. That little boy of yours is in for a treat because he has the best mama there is. I'm sure he already knows that though. Riley, Peyton and Cameron have already told him that, I'm sure.

    Lots of love to you and your babies:)

  3. The pirate theme is super cute. It looks great and what boy wouldn't love it.

  4. His little room looks soo cozy!


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