Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life as I now know it....loving every minute!

Things have improved greatly in the past month to say the very least. My rainbow has developed into quite the little sweetheart and is already showing so much personality! He began to sleep much better at the beginning of July which was certainly a blessing.

We wish that we could have Logan start sleeping in his own room but we can't run an air conditioner in both rooms so it would be far too hot - which is not safe for our little one - so he still sleeps in our room in his Rock N Play. I hope that when we can transition him to his own space he will do well. Given the coming changes in our life it's probably better to not move him now - he'll have a whole new HOUSE to get used to soon :) :) :)

THAT'S RIGHT! We bought a house (those who are friends with me on Facebook SHHHH don't say anything on my wall please!) :) No exact closing date yet but in the next couple months we will be out of this apartment and into our OWN HOUSE! I am so THRILLED to be done renting soon! The fact that it barely costs more for the mortgage then it does to rent is also a HUGE bonus :)

Soooo the surprises of mommyhood - my my there are so many!

I think the biggest one is the lack of sleep - "they" tell you to sleep while you can - blah blah blah as if getting tons beforehand will help you when you get none - not the case! I must say it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for me to prepare myself for what my body went through with all the hormone changes after having Logan let alone the added stress of NO sleep! It was a surprise and a crappy one at that. But as everyone (who at the time I wanted to slap - LOL) told me - it does get better. The 3 weeks or so have been a blissful time - sure there have been moments - but for the most part we are in a nice groove around here and mommy is loving it.

Logan has so many more smiles and is just such a character!! Another surprise is how FAST his personality showed up - just so darn cute! Makes every little second worth it. I could be in the WORST most sleep deprived state and when he looks at me with that genuine smile it just brightens my LIFE! I'm so blessed!

Doesn't that smile just make you melt!!!

So far I must say he is not to the age where I feel like I can get a whole lot accomplished AT ALL! I mean - no complaints - I LOVE hanging with the little dude but I am rather terrified of packing!!! Yikes! I hated it before I had Logan to take care of - it could be rather dreadful! Thank goodness for GREAT grandparents because man are we gonna need their help to get things done around here!!

I turned 31 on the 22nd of July and my boy turned 12 weeks :) Technically he will be 3 months old on the 29th! He's growing SO FAST!!!

Well I know there was more to say LOL but baby brain is ever present and my mind has no flipping clue what else I was going to write - sooooo for now enjoy this you tube video and check out my boy's personality in full swing :)

Riley, Peyton, & Cameron, Mommy and daddy love you so much. As we see Logan grow we are sad for all the moments we missed with the three of you :( Love each other with all your might until we can all be together

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  1. Happy Bday, Congrats on the new house, and Logan has grown so much, what a handsome little dude!!! Hugs B


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