Saturday, July 7, 2012

Growing boy!

I realized after my last post that I never posted Logan's ONE month picture - so here they are to compare - along with some other recent photos.... I have things to talk about but I am too dang tired right now to do so ;) LOL and with the boy laying on me it would be too annoying to type much ;)



check out my gun ;)

sleepy sprawler

he loves grandpas beanbag (don't worry a wide awake adult is ALWAYS right next to him)

he is now obsessed with his tongue


Oh my how I love my boy!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey, I remember that cute little gun! That's the same one he flashed in his ultrasound photo at 12 weeks and four days old. He is the cutest little tough guy around:):):)

    My Benjamin went through a tounge phase too. We took him to get portraits and we couldn't even get one shot without the tounge. Too cute!

    I can't believe how big Logan is getting already!! He looks like such a little man:) He is so stinkin' handsome!!!!

    I wish I could love on him a little, but since I can't please give him some love from his Auntie Mary. I love him so much!!!! Well, your whole family actually:):) I love you all!!!

    I am off to give my Benny his loves from Auntie Jess:):):) I will give the others a hug from you too! You truly are the best!!!!

    Lots of love to you all!!!


  2. So cute! They grow so fast in their first year. Hugs B

  3. So precious & growing so fast. <3


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