Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2 months!

My boy turned 2 months old last Friday :) He's so flippin' handsome! He got some vaccines on Monday :( UGH! Mommy did NOT handle that well...Logan did much better lol though he is NOT a baby that sleeps more after vaccines - yikes! Seriously when a baby is born you should lose all need for sleep!! Wouldn't that be great!?! Soooooo not the case however :( Eh life is still great! My mom and dad leave for camping for a week om Saturday and I am dreading the boredom that is bound to come while they are gone. With Nate working at night and (sadly) really no friends to hang out with life can be lonely around here. In this small town area there is not much to do either.... i digress... i love to hang with my boy but i think you all understand what i mean...i hope! A lot of changes are on the forefront... more to come about that in the near future :) All good things (and no - oh my goodness - i am not pregnant again!) ENJOY THE PICTURES!


  1. I love, love those pictures!!! Thank you so much for sharing them! Your little man is flippin' GORGEOUS!!!!! What a cutie!!

    Jess, you are looking AMAZING!!!!!!! Great job!!! I am so jealous. I still have some of my baby weight on and it looks like you have lost all of yours. You look great!

    Happy Two Month Birthday Logan!!!! Auntie Mary loves you sooooooooo much!!!

  2. He is so adorable!! And you look great, mama!! I know what you mean with wanting to get out. You can go crazy being home with a baby all night and no one to "talk" to or have talk back;)

    I cant believe he is already 2 months old!!!!

  3. That onesie is just too cute! Great pictures! You look great by the way! I wished I had looked that good 2 months out. ;-)


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