Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well folks - it seems this momma spoke too soon about not having morning sickness! : (

YUCK! Starting yesterday all went down hill. Now I haven't been throwing up or anything but still just a very horrible amount of feeling AWFUL! Nauseous, light headed if I'm walking around too much, yuck, yuck, yuck. I hope since it has started late it doesn't mean that I will be stuck with this into the 2nd trimester.

I'm trying really hard to drink water. I didn't drink enough water yesterday so maybe that is adding to my general feeling of crappiness. Who knows? I shall do my best to drink more. Can't keep up with anything though. Tons of dishes to do. And of course since I don't feel well enough to do anything I WANT to do things. Figures.

There can be days where I want to just watch TV even though I feel fine but as soon as I HAVE to lay down I don't want to. Here's hoping our tater tots aren't as annoying as their mommy LOL ;) At the very least I am still eating plenty and not throwing up (thank goodness)! I have been watching episode after episode of American Picker on Netflix after finishing up 3 seasons of Pawn Stars on Netflix last week. Thanks to my dear friend Melissa got me into Pawn Stars and I just LOVE it! Luckily I have my news regular season TV shows starting this week so that will give me something to do if I continue to feel sick. I watch incredibly too much tv and I love it so I figure I better enjoy it this season because it may be my last season for watching many of these shows. Sad to lose them but happy to give them up for my tater tots :)

Well, I'm alive over here. Far too hot - even though it's only like 70 degrees outside (but I am ALWAYS hot)! Slept with the air on in the bedroom last night which helped and I've had it on in the living room today which helped too. Weird? Sure! But who care - it makes me feel better! Well... hot, nauseous, light headed.... but alive! I figure feeling like crap usually means all is good so my tots are worth the yuck! Thank goodness you don't get morning sickness AFTER the babies are born LOL that would not go well.

Tonight my new show "Up All Night" is on - I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with children. I don't have any on Earth yet but I feel the stuff I am laughing at now may make me cry next year LOL ;) !!! Nonetheless it's fun to watch! ;)

Riley & Peyton we love you so very much. I feel you with me every day my sweet angels. Give Nana big hugs and kisses for me every single day. I know she must be so excited that I am having twins. She would have been thrilled if she were still here but I am glad that she is happy, pain free, and with both of you. It brings peace to my heart even through my tears. Always be there for each other and watch over us. We miss you!


  1. I remember being a whole lot sicker with the twins that I was with the other two pregnancies. BUT, it is all worth it and is temporary! (((HUGS)))

  2. Hope it all passes soon. I only had morning sickness with my Rainbow.
    Take care

  3. Ugh...sorry you arent feeling well! My morning sickness stuck around until 18 weeks this last time! Hopefully yours goes away before you hit the second trimester:) I eventually got a pill for it and I wish I had gotten it sooner! It made sleeping through the night possible. I know its not easy being sick every minute of the day!

  4. I've had really bad morning sickness all day and all night long. Even at night, if I turn my head on the pillow the room spins. I do find that if I'm out and about, sucking on Jolly Ranchers does help the nausea temporarily. My doctor prescribed 5 Diclectin a day, and although it doesn't take the sickness away totally, it does help a bit. Worth considering...

  5. I love netflix! Billy the Exterminator is another good series to check out ;-) Although, it may make you more nauseous. Sorry about that hun - I totally understand how much that sux!!!



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