Sunday, September 11, 2011

Big news and a lovely surprise! (triggers)

So I was totally bummed when I didn't get pregnant in July but given the fact that I fell and hurt myself and the stress of my Nana's sudden death and all I figured God knew that wasn't the time. After thinking of all the stress my body was in that month I was happy that I didn't end up being pregnant. In hindsight it was a blessing really.

So on to August. I knew I ovulated at the beginning of the month so the first day that I may have missed my period I was like ehhh I'll test (I'm VERY impatient) LOL AND I blogged about the dream I had HERE.
Given the dream and all I just thought August might be our month. So that first test wasn't positive but when I looked at it hours later there was a slight line (same thing happened when I was pg with Riley). SO the next day i took another one and the line was a bit darker (see below)!

For those that are Facebook friends with me - SHHHHHH!!!!

So YEAA! I was thrilled! I already had a blood test (in case this happened) and I called my doctor's office to have them fax one to the hospital so I could get another test done two days later. I waited for the results and the next day they told me my levels were good (493) and two days later on Peyton's due date I found out that the levels doubled!!

So they scheduled an early ultrasound for 9/22 - so we could make sure the gestational sacs were within my uterus and all looked well. And it did - all looked well (check out the pick below).


So we prepared ourselves and got crazy excited (a little overwhelmed for a day or two LOL) and we went on our planned road trip to see Nate's family. I DO NOT suggest road trips of thousands of miles within 4 days when pregnant and in need of the bathroom ALL the time! UGH! Not fun! BUT.... the trip itself was fun (outside the car) and we were psyched to be able to share the news in person :)

This past Friday we got to go back and see the heartbeats!!

In this photo you can see baby b's yolk sac really well :) Though baby a's gestational sac takes over most of the picture ;)

Here you can see again baby b likes to hide a bit - as he/she did with the first ultrasound for a while LOL
Baby a's sac is larger but both were doing great! Baby a measured right on track and had a heartbeat of 150 and baby b was behind a few days (which they say is nothing to worry about with twins) and had a heartbeat of 129.

They are fraternal (two separate sacs) and they each have an angel sibling watching over them! Or they each have both watching over them (however you want to look at it!)! :)

We are beyond thrilled to be expecting twins! I couldn't be more excited! I have decided to tell friends and family because I don't believe in jinxing and I truly feel very hopeful and calm about this pregnancy. God has brought peace to my heart and mind and I believe that while this pregnancy may not be easy, all will go well!

Remember: For those that are friends with me on Facebook: SHHHH! I am telling people but not all my acquaintances on FB yet! ;)

YEA for my tater tots (our affectionate name for them until we know the sexes LOL)

I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him" - 1 Samuel 1:27
I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart. - Jeremiah 1:5

Riley and Peyton mommy and daddy love you so much. Love each other and hug Nana for me! Watch out for your baby brother/sister(s) on Earth and keep bringing mommy peace. :) We will never, ever forget you.

NOTE: For those that this post may have bothered I totally understand if you don't wish to continue to read my blog. I plan to keep my blog the same and will discuss this pregnancy and my losses simultaneously so I understand if some can not handle that. For me my loss and my current pregnancy are intertwined - so they will stay that way on this blog. Thank you for understanding!


  1. Girl, you are full of surprises and I am THRILLED for you! Can hardly believe it is twins! You are already on my prayer list - in fact, I was reading my prayer journal last night and saw the entry "A baby for Jess" - and now I will be praying for a smooth pregnancy! (((BIG HUGS & LOTS OF LOVE)))

  2. Hi there--I have never commented on your blog before. I found your blog b/c I too an a BLM and had difficulties TTC after miscarriages. I am so happy for you!!!!!!!! Hooray! Congratulations Mama! I will be praying for you and eagerly awaiting your updates on your "tater tots" which I love that name BTW. :) Congrats again and here's to a happy and healthy 9 months!


  3. I am so happy to see this here!!! I have been checking and checking the last few days to see when you would update!!! I am SOOOO happy for you and think of you (and your babies!) every single day:) I am praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy for these two little ones! What a miracle!!!!

  4. AMAZING!!! I am sooo happy for you!!! And so excited for you!!!! This is great :)

  5. What good news indeed! Congratulations! Love the "tater tots" nickname for your twinsies. :) Here's to a safe and smooth pregnancy, Jessica.

  6. So happy for you both. Praying so much & sending lots of positive thoughts.
    Yay for Twins !!!

  7. Hi Jess, Thank the Lord for all he has done for you, these tater tots are getting some great parents, and just so you know I told you when you had a baby I would give you a blanket, so now it looks like I am giving you two of them.

    This is just the most heartwarming news! :) :)
    Those are the smiles of your tater tots and here are Riley and Peyton :) :)

    Take care

  8. I am excited beyond excited for you (but you already know that)!!!! Here is to healthy, happy, and uneventful pregnancy!

  9. Congratulations Jess!!!!! I am praying for you and your cute little tater tots. I am so so so happy for you:):):)

  10. jessica, how exciting to be expecting twins! congratulations!

  11. Wow! How wonderful! I could not be more excited for you! Sending many prayers for you.

  12. Double YEAH!!!!! For you!!!! Sooooo exciting! I am truly happy for you! Enjoy every minute of this as you waited so long for it!

  13. Congratulations! This is beautiful news. ((HUGS))

  14. OMG!!!!! I am so flipping excited for you!!!! Praying, praying, praying, my friend. I know this is an exciting, but also scary time for you. Praying for those babies, too!

  15. Wonderful news! I'll be thinking of you and your beautiful babies!!

  16. What great news!! COngratulations, can't wait to hear all about the progress of the "tater tots" :)

  17. YEAH!!! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! <3 Here's to a smooth 9 months with your double rainbow! Lots of love and prayers are being sent your way!

  18. Wishing you and your hubby a most blessed, happy, healthy pregnancy. glad to hear such awesome news. will pray to jesus for all 4 of you. God Bless. will continue to pray for all women like me who have lost a baby...for the courage and hope and peace and grace you have shown thru all of this...
    Lyndhurst NJ

  19. How exciting!!! Congrats and praying or your new little beans!!!

  20. Congratulations! Riley and Peyton are so happy, as I'm sure you are, too.

  21. Oh my goodness!!! I am months behind on my blog reading and tonight just got this really strong intuition about you and I arrive to this AMAZING news!!! Oh Jess - I am so happy for you and your family (hubby, Peyton, Riley and your new tater tots), this just made my week. Sending you big love and wishes, hopes and prayers for a smooth pregnancy. Twins! Wow. Wow. Wow. xoxo

  22. Oh my word, I am so behind on reading blogs. I am so excited for you!!!! This is wonderful, wonderful news. Praying for you and your little blessings, that they continue to grow and thrive. And thinking of the sweet babes who came before and will be watching over them.

  23. Congrats! Hoping you have a very uneventful pregnancy!

  24. prayers for a healthy happy pregancy and delivery for all! Congrats!!

  25. I am sooo behind! CONGRATS! This is the best post I've stumbled upon tonight! I am gonna pray and pray that you have an uneventful pregnancy and that both those babies stay safe in your womb until they are ready to come out and breathe in this world without any interventions. Praise the Lord x2!! I'm just soooo happy for you! Ahhhh!


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