Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post-op appointment

Yesterday I finally had the long awaited post-op appointment! It was a long five days to get to that appointment believe me!

The doctor came in and asked me how everything went with a balloon catheter and I said not great it was the bane of my existence the past 5 days. He thought that was funny and said he was sorry that it gave me such issues. I told him if anything it should make it really easy to take out - and it was... THEN came the dreaded removal of the stitches. My incisions had been the main cause of my pain since surgery so I knew the removal of them was going to incredibly suck!

He removed the stitches from the right incision first and said the stitches were "buried" so it hurt like hell to get those taken out - to say the least. Then came the belly button stitch removal - this had been my most painful incision (still is) - so I was dreading this to say the least! It took him at least 5 minutes of poking around my belly button with scissors to get the dumb stitch out. He said the resident did the stitches to tight either that or there was just more swelling than usual which was making it hard to take out. Either way it sucked. Luckily the removal of the stitches from the left incision was easy - or I just didn't notice because my belly button hurt so bad LOL.

Either way it is done and in 2 months or so hopefully there will be a beautiful normal looking uterus on the screen of my next HSG! It seems like such a long long wait but I am excited for that day :)

I would write more but just as I was going to write this post I started to feel crappy again. I still feel very weak and can't do much without feeling sick so I am taking it easy. I figure after another week (hopefully) I will be good as new - minus some new scars ;)

It is all well worth it of course!

Much love to you all and thank you for your sweet comments, thoughts, and prayers.

(p.s. - the rude BLM from the last post was no one from this lovely blogging community. It was a BLM I knew in real life - who thank goodness moved away.)

Sweet Riley - a year ago we had blood results confirm that you had left us and were in Heaven. The doctor had made it quite clear that we should not be hopeful so we had begun to grieve you Valentine's Day weekend but it was still hard to hear. We will always love you and never forget you! Many many people thought of you on 2/11 even though mommy and daddy couldn't leave the house to do anything we were thinking of you every second. We love you and Peyton more than I could ever explain to you or to anyone. You mean the world to us.


  1. (((((hugs)))))) Im so sorry this has been so physically painful for you, on top of the emotional pain from Riley's bday....

    Im glad its over for you now (although seems the physical part not so much)but that the process is, and you can start to heal and rest. Here is the the next 2 months flying by for you xoxox

  2. Glad to hear your well on your way on the road to recovery!


  3. Oh Jess, I'm glad you're on the mend to baby making fabulousness again! Been thinking of you lately. My stitches after Evan hurt like hell and that wasn't many (2" mostly internal 2nd degree tear thanks to his left and right foot jumping out!).

    Mom did a butterfly tea party in heaven table at church for the ladies outreach tea. She asked for names of babies to put on the 10 place settings. Your sweet babes came to mind instantly. I'm not sure who sat at your babies places and wore their butterflies, but they shall be winging their way from my mom's hands to yours pretty soon.

    Now get off the computer, get something soothing in your tummy and sleep!

  4. Wow what a 5 days!! I hope you keep recovering smoothly and that you get great news in 2 months!! Much love

  5. Im sorry the appointment was so painful...but Im glad you got the catheter and stitches out! Im anxious for your Dr appointment in 2 months as well:) Hope you have a smooth recovery from here on out!

  6. So glad that all went well!! I hope that you continue to recover at a speedy pace! ((hugs)) Thinking of you and your angels!

  7. I hated the balloon catheter too. Mine had a bag attached to catch all of the blood from my surgery,and it had to be emptied every day. I hated that so much worse than the catheter. I always had to look away as it emptied. NASTY! Still makes me want to puke.

    Glad to hear the catheter is out and you are now well on your way to recovery!


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