Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Memorializing my babies

I just found out from a couple of sellers on Etsy that they are sending my memorials that I ordered. I am so excited. After this second miscarriage all I could think is that I want something tangible I want something I can display, or wear, something to show others that these are my babies and always will be. I tear up when writing this because these items are the closest I will get to holding my precious children. But I hope that they see that mommy loves them and this was my way of displaying that.

I believe these sellers should get recognition for the joy they are bringing me. Here are their sites. They have beautiful, affordable treasures and I hope you enjoy them.I have put pictures of the items I bought under each of the sites I bought them from :)


Our sculpture!

This is her beautiful postcard! Art in itself!


An ornament/necklace
A bracelet with Feb. and Aug. birthstones
A custom necklace with the birthstones and dates our babies grew wings


I paint plaques/signs and make jewelry. I plan to soon make myself a plaque with the dates my angels grew wings. I will post a picture when I have completed it. My hope is to sell these in my Etsy shop and my website so that I may bring a bit of joy into the lives of others who have suffered a loss like mine. It's a sad unfortunate club with way too many members.


I woke up with a call from my dad today. It was great to hear his voice. I often speak to my mother once a day at least. She would call me to see if I was feeling okay when I was pregnant because we were all worried after the last miscarriage. I was always feeling nauseous but not like something was wrong. Oh how my body lies to me. Now she calls to see how I am feeling after surgery. I appreciate those calls.

I know I am loved.

I thank God for the love I am surrounded by every day. Without that love I would be a shadow of my former self. They help me to stay strong. I love them even more because of that. I forgot to mention other family in my previous blog - this was wrong of me - they are so important to me too. My cousin has been such a help. I drove to her house after my second loss and she hugged me, talked to me, and gave me fresh cookies :) It was nice to calm down after finding out bad news all alone. My aunt is also such a joy! She told me she would come pick me up (after I found out about the second loss) and to call her whenever she could help. I drove myself home but was touched by the offer. I will never go to another visit alone when I am pregnant (in the future) and I know she would join me if I needed her. She took me to my D & C the first time. I doubt all my family understand the depths of my love for them. My babies would have been surrounded by love in our family but I know they are surrounded by love in Heaven for they were.....too beautiful for Earth.


  1. These memorials are just beautiful! I know having things to remind me of Madelyn are always so helpful to my healing. (((hugs)))

  2. Thanks Heather :) I think they will bring me a lot of comfort. That sculpture will be my way of kissing my babies goodnight and I appreciate that and the jewelery I can carry with me at all times :)


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