Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cheers & Jeers #4

Cheers to Pink and revealing her pregnancy on the Ellen show (at least that's where I saw it). She is a BLM too – she had a miscarriage in the past – here's hoping this is her rainbow baby!!! :)

Jeers to Tony Parker for cheating on his wife Eva Longoria-Parker. How downright pathetic – and I don't care is supposedly there was no physical relationship you don't text with a “friend” at 2am when you are married (or in a relationship)! And one of the magazines was like he's 28 and he has needs and a sexual drive so it's not surprising because well ladies apparently men are only driven by their privates. OH give me a break!

Cheers to The Whole Truth having a new episode on stupid ABC (if you remember in a previous Cheers and Jeers I was Jeering the fact that they canceled the show – I still hold to this jeer by the way)
And according to this this article apparently they are going to air the rest of the 6 episodes they filmed. To at least there's that. But seriously I am still very upset they canceled it!

Jeers to Kate Gosselin for her reaction to her kids getting expelled from school. They were supposedly kicked out because of hitting, fighting, and swearing. She apparently told them they won't go to heaven and Jesus doesn't love bad people. What a HORRIBLE thing to say to your kids. Maybe instead of fighting with your husband about which of you taught your kids awful behavior you should just work on improving it! Geesh!

Cheers to locking up Wesley Snipes for tax evasion – I love the Blade (vampire movies before the Twilight jazz came about) star and what not – FABULOUS in those movies but I have a VERY hard time feeling sorry for an incredibly wealthy person who evades taxes. So way to go on making him pay for it. Supposedly he's in for three years but we all have seen the pathetic sentences of Martha Stewart, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and so on and so forth.

Jeers to Bill Clinton having an appearance in The Hangover 2 that man has gotten far too many laughs and publicity for his “inhaling” past and sexual past in and out of the White House. It's just stupid. I will still watch the movie though. I will just frown when he shows up ;) OH and I know the movie is incredibly inappropriate, possibly severely offensive to some, and politically incorrect but WOW The Hangover was SO funny!

Cheers – to Russell Brand on Conan – he is stinking hilarious – he talked about monarchy, the royal wedding, the queens chest LOL – needless to say watch it – it's hilarious!

Jeers to Angelina Jolie who bought her daughter Shiloh a taxidermic bird after she asked if she could have a dead pet. Two things are wrong with this situation – one REALLY Angelina do you want your daughter to grow up to get married and wear a tube of her husband's blood around her next? Since that worked so well for you.... Two what precisely have you been letting your child do, or watch, or whatever that would get her to ask for a DEAD pet – that is worrisome. 

Cheers to Dennis Quaid and Ellen – she gives him an earpiece and has him repeat everything she says to someone who seriously has no idea what he is doing. There have been a variety of times the two of them have done this – she's had other celebrities do that too but I just included this one.

Thanks for joining me for the 4th edition of Cheers & Jeers! The 3rd edition can be found HERE!


  1. I didn't know Pink had a miscarriage. I always have extra love for celebrities who talk about this stuff. Now I have extra love for her.

  2. I love your cheers and jeers!


  3. lol, my fav Dennis Quaid sketch was where she had him in Starbucks, he walks in "Dennis Quaid's here" lol

  4. You're right, Russell was hilarious!!

  5. These always make me laugh and I needed it today!:)

  6. Hey Jess :) Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award :) Check out my last post. lots of love to you ♥

  7. I did say I love your cheers and jeers right? :) Keep them coming! I watched that Conan episode with Russell Brand, he's hilarious. It deserves two cheers.

  8. Ha ha! You crack me up. I LOVE your sense of humor. I hadn't heard about a lot of these either. A dead pet? For REAL? And she gave it to her? What the crap? But then again, we all knew Angie has NEVER been with it. WACK JOB!

    As for Kate, of course her kids are messed up, look at their parents! Gee, never saw that one coming. *eye roll*


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