Monday, November 29, 2010

For goodness sake!

For those that read this that know me in real life I apologize for the over share....

But for once in a really long time I want dumb AF to start already!!!!!!!!!!! It should have started on or around Friday! GRRRR - it needs to come so I can schedule my Hystersopingogram (they shoot dye into my uterus to see if there are any issues such as a septum that can be removed, etc.) and then if all is well we can TTC again! So SERIOUSLY let's get a move on AF - I know I will feel like crap and want to crawl into a ball with a heating pad when it does come but I need it to come NOW.

AHHHHHHH! For once AF being late is NOT fun! Honestly we have been trying NOT to get pregnant until this surgery so it's pretty impossible that I am pregnant - I mean I know that all protection is not perfect - but you get what I mean it would be pretty darn shocking if I was PG. Soooo again I say AF ---- LET'S GO!

On a completely different note - I am subbing the next two days for SECOND GRADE! ahhhhhhhh - I love little kids - trust me - but 30 of them in one room that cannot keep themselves busy mixed with not the greatest lesson plans can be SO not fun. I am doing this for two different teachers - so the chances of having at least one day not be well planned by the teacher is quite possible. Here's hoping it all goes well. Friday I am a high school art teacher and I KNOW the teacher so I am positive that will be very well planned :)

Also my husband has STILL not heard whether he got the job he interviewed for or not. It was through a recruiter so if the recruiter knew anything she would tell him so 2 weeks later he still has no idea! If he DOES get it this also adds more urgency to AF coming because I need to get this surgery while we still have insurance!

Sooooo the main point is LETS! GO! AF!   S E R I O U S L Y  !!!!!


  1. I hope AF comes along so you can go ahead with your plans. I know you must be extra frustrated, with the job thing, too. Thinking of you...xoxoxo

  2. Yuck I had that little procedure done and all I can say was the valium was nice. Good luck mamma and hope all is well!

  3. Our relationship with AF can be so funny at times! After the miscarriage, I couldn't wait for her to show up so I could TTC! Then when she showed, every month I'd pray she wouldn't show again! LOL

    Praying AF delays no longer for you!!!

  4. I had that procedure done and I almost passed out. It made
    me feel like I had to throw up. It was AWFUL! Sorry to be a downer.
    Take something before you go.


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