Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheers & Jeers #3

CHEERS to all the Holiday ideas of all the fabulous blogs out there :)

Here are a few:
Face of loss, Faces of Hope – Facebook giveaway

JEERS to people with Christmas decorations up and all the stores playing Christmas music already! ONE HOLIDAY AT A TIME PEOPLE! Can you please celebrate Thanksgiving before you fast forward to Christmas! Geesh.

CHEERS to GLEE featuring Gwenyth Paltrow! She has such a great voice. I saw her in the movie Duets – it's about karaoke contests (I happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE karaoke)

While it hasn't aired yet I am SUPER excited to see it tomorrow night!

JEERS to ABC for being a bunch of MORONS and canceling the new TV show “The Whole Truth”after only airing 5 freaking episodes! They say that there have not been enough viewers.... well you gave people FIVE episodes for goodness sake! The least you can do is let them complete the season... it was my FAVORITE new show this year. NOT HAPPY AT ALL! Supposedly they are letting them film the next 8 episodes but they may not air – totally illogical! Even more illogical is they are replacing them with stupid reality shows. I'm so not happy – AT ALL!

CHEERS to the fabulous new Microsoft invention KINECT! I'm super psyched to get this sometime soon I HOPE! Check out the video below – it is a little boy with his family trying out Dance Central (one of the games) it is SOOOO cute!

JEERS to Heidi and Spencer Pratt now renewing their vows. First they eloped in Mexico, then got married on The Hills, she filed for divorce in July, and now this is their “real” wedding for “them”! UGH – seriously who cares! It's bad enough the girl has had like over 20 plastic surgery procedures done and we had to hear about that... geesh. NO ONE CARES ABOUT “SPEIDI”

CHEERS to Joel McHale! I have always thought he was hilarious on The Soup but he definitely made that obvious to way more people when Community first aired! There are so many hilarious episodes. The paintball one was definitely my favorite though! Reminded me of Left for Dead (a computer/video game me and my husband love)

JEERS to Sarah Palin and her new reality show "Sarah Palin's Alaska". The few that did take her seriously won't anymore. Some articles say it may help her gain fans if she runs in 2012. We shall see I suppose. Also it annoys the crap out of me that the woman's hair is perfect no matter what is she doing! In the one preview while skeet shooting her daughter tells her to "take her prom hair and go home" - THAT is pretty funny.

CHEERS  to Kristin Wigg on SNL for her HILARIOUS skit playing Paula Deen – it's SO funny! Whether you like Paula Deen or not – SO FUNNY! I love the way she says oil (she pronounces it more like OWL hehe) and when she shows the pic of her husband and calls him “Santalicious” haha! So much other stuff. So watch the video it's only a couple minutes long! IT WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH TRUST ME! We all need a good laugh!

Thanks for joining me on my third edition of Cheers & Jeers
(If you missed the last two: #1 is here and #2 is here)

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