Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cheers & Jeers #1

Ok so I have always loved to read the Cheers & Jeers section of TV magazine and other magazine so time for Jessica's Cheers and Jeers for the past week.... hopefully this will become a new thing because it took me awhile to make that nifty Cheers and Jeers picture ;)

CHEERS for the movie "Rabbit Hole" it seems as though this is a BLM movie worth watching - especially since it could help make non BLMs understand a bit more...

JEERS to Marie Claire for posting the article entitled: Should fatties get a room?  This article is full of hatred and bullying towards fat people and this girl's apology afterwards is downright ridiculous!

CHEERS to Glee a fun and fabulous Rocky Horror Picture Show episode! (side note: When Sue Sylvester mentions "fatties" we can all realize she is supposed to be a total jerk so we can laugh because she's great at being a jerk!)

JEERS to all the stupid networks having repeats on next week!

CHEERS to the ABC network for some great Halloween episodes. Modern Family, The Middle, and Cougar Town were some great Halloween fun for the whole family... we need more family sitcoms on TV!

JEERS to people that tell BLMs to not think about their babies so often...maybe then they will feel better! Don't try to "help" us (if that's what you think you are doing) when you have no idea what we are going through!

I hope that you enjoyed my first Cheers & Jeers :)

Day 28 - what's in your purse

A whole lot of receipts I should probably throw out. And then a bunch of boring crap. LOL - sorry I have no interest in listing all of it....


  1. Love your Cheers and Jeers theme!I still have yet to watch the preview to that new movie, so I'll have to go do that now. Sounds like we all should watch. :)

  2. Those are the cutest! This is a great idea.

  3. Is this rabbit hole what just came out t his year with Nicole Kidman - tried to put it on my netflix, but it's not available yet.

    Thanks for the cheers and jeers! Loved it!

  4. Fantastic! I loved it!

    Glee was great this week, wasn't it? But then again, when isn't Glee great (minus the Brit Spears episode that I sadly fast forwarded through every song because I can't stand BS). What is with them taking every other week off lately too? Jerks.

  5. What a cute idea! I love this post! :) I hadn't heard about Rabbit Hole and am anxious to check it out. Unfortunately, I did hear about that awful article. Ug. What can you even say to such shallow and self-absorbed ignorance? Awww…but then there was Glee! What a fun episode that was! Sending you hugs!


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