Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 29 & 30

Day 29 - Dreams for the next 365 days....

Dreams for the next year:

* Getting a teaching job next school year
* Getting full time subbing (a job every day) - I need this to happen in the next month or two because my unemployment could be gone!)
* Have a baby or at the least get pregnant
* My husband to finish school
* My husband getting a better job
* All in all many of the above deal with dreaming our financial situation will improve!
* Win the lottery (lol - I barely ever play so that's not much possible)
* Have the dream of buying a house become a bit more realistic
* Continue to lose weight - so far in 2 weeks I have lost almost 5 pounds!

Day 30 - Dreams for the future...

* Having children - as many as God will grant me before I get too old
* Having a full time art teaching position
* My husband doing a job he went to school for (computers)
* Owning a house near my family in the country
* Someday I dream of traveling - I would love to go to Italy, Paris, Australia, New Zealand, London, California, to see the Grand Canyon.... and so much more. If I can do any of it that would rock! But the family aspect is the biggest dream!

Mainly I want the american dream - Stable jobs and finances, owning a house, and having a wonderful big family to take care of..... is that too much to ask LOL ;)

I would post more but I am off to haunted houses and dinner with my husband. I have some pictures to post maybe tomorrow. I've been painting away so I have not had a chance to put any up :)

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  1. Wishing you 365 days of dreams come true.


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