Thursday, June 14, 2012


"Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three...."

No , sadly folks we are not in the chocolate factory with Willy Wonka! This lyric started playing in my head as I laid in the recliner with Logan on my chest did I have to pee but the poor guy needed to sleep so I was staying put dang it!! Let me tell you when he woke up to eat and I got to pee that was GREAT lol :)

He wasn't as bad yesterday (or so far today...fingers crossed and prayers said). I hear colic comes in blocks - a few bad days, a couple good, repeat..... today (6/14) is my 4 year anniversary with my hubby...while we didn't see each other much today tomorrow we have plans :) thank goodness for my parents! My mom has helped SO much and they love to babysit and we NEED time together especially with the sleep issues lately!

Thank you to everyone for your loving comments on my last post. I am sure there will be more frustrating posts to come but for now I am just feeling blessed to have wonderful parents, an amazing husband (who thank goodness - works nights or i'd never sleep), and a baby in my arms to snuggle!

Hopefully Logan will be kind to mommy tonight and at least let me sleep 3 hours like last night!!!


  1. You're doing great mama. Read your previous post, it's tough being a mom. Like I posted before, the first 3 months with my rainbow I decided no more babies, this is way too crazy, but now I would take as many as God would give me. Sometimes I think that I'm a bad mama b/c I get so frustrated with my rainbow, I feel I should appreciation her every moment and I try too but sometimes she is difficult and I am only human!! Happy 4 year anniversary, my 4 year anniversary is coming up too, I'm lucky to have a wonderful hubby too. Enjoy your time with your hubby, but just a warning you guys will probably be talking about your cute little Logan a good part of the time;) Hugs, B
    P.S. I use BornFree bottles, they are suppose to reduce/prevent colic, but my LO never had major colic so not sure if bottles do make a difference.

  2. He is so gorgeous, Jess!!!! I sure can see a lot of you in him in that first picture:)

    I am glad things are a little better today. I will continue to pray for you all:)

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Have a great time tomorrow:)

    Lots of love to you all:)



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