Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doc appt. update!!

Well, this is a quick update because mama bear is tired ;) LOL

Saw the doctor today and all is well. Nice STRONG heart beat of 153!! The doc said that they will have to keep an extra close eye on me throughout the pregnancy for cervical length and bleeding etc. since I lost baby b. So I will be getting many more ultrasounds then I would with a normal pregnancy. She did say though that there is no reason to worry at this point because there is a nice (I'll caps it again) STRONG heart beat!!!! :) :)

ALSO extra fun news! The doc said at my appt. on Monday the 21st (the Monday before Thanksgiving) I can have a quick non-official sonogram to show if we are having a boy or a girl!!! :) YEAAAA!!!!

SUPER EXCITED! 25 days till we know team blue or pink!!! <3 <3 <3

Also we have named our sweet baby b.... Cameron :)

Riley, Peyton, and Cameron,
We love you sweet babies! We miss you more than we could ever explain. Watch over us and your sweet sister/brother and keep us safe through the rest of this pregnancy. I'm sure you all love to play but I know that you want your brother/sister to be with us if they can be! We love you sooo very much! Hug Nana for me! <3


  1. Hooray!!!!! Hmmmm....153...maybe a girl? Hee hee;) Who knows! I cant wait to find out what it is going to be either!!!

  2. Hi Jess, that is wonderful news about the heartbeat on your baby A, and I am glad to hear that you found a name for baby B.
    your three babies are watching you from heaven and want their Mama and Daddy to be happy!

    Get some rest...oh I have some good news we got 2 rescue cats so I now have kitties back in my life again :)
    Bittersweet cuz I really miss my Diesel, but Whisper our little girl and Rett our boy are getting used to use and us to them (they are really playful for 3 and 5 years old)
    Pet Gabby for me...

  3. I am so excited for you!! Fingers crossed! I cant wait to see if your team blue or pink! Hugs mama get lots of rest!!

  4. So glad to hear everything is going so well! Looking forward to finding out boy or girl. :)


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