Monday, August 15, 2011

When will things improve?

Geico turned me down for the chance at a job YET AGAIN! It's so incredibly depressing to be paying loans for schooling that I can't get a job in (art teacher) and THEN on TOP OF THAT have people turn me down for jobs BECAUSE of my teaching degree. SERIOUSLY? If I could have found a teaching job I would be in one by now OBVIOUSLY! I don't see that as much of an option anymore really - I don't get interviews - no one is hiring, everyone is getting rid of art teachers. I went to school for a dying career. I'm screwed.

They say GET AN EDUCATION OR YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITH YOUR LIFE! Ha! I got a great education Associate's, Bachelor's, AND Master's and it's not doing CRAP for me! There are probably a TON of people out there with nothing more that high school education and they have better luck at getting jobs than I do.

Of course I wish I could stay at home and do art, or something and we could still survive but that's sadly not possible - I wish it was but it's not. So here I sit looking for jobs that simply don't exist and those I do apply to don't even call me.

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH to all those professors out there who said teaching was a GREAT field to go into and I'd get a job right away. Guess when you're giving the school money they will blow and amount of lies up your butt till you finish your degree. THANKS FOR NOTHING.

Everyone is going to think I am a loser if I end up being pregnant and can't find a job. And I want people to be HAPPY when they find out not secretly JUDGING me because I don't have a job! And if I do end up pregnant I will be THRILLED but if I get too far along then no one will want to hire me because I am pregnant - mind you they can't SAY that but that will be why...

When when WHEN will things get better? Because honestly I have had enough! The past year and a half has been filled with far too much sadness and loss and I need it to get better.

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