Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life lately....

OK :) So first off HI! I know it's been awhile and I have not been great about keeping up with consistent posting... I have been busy making items for my Etsy shop.

Also this week has been very tough because a very loved and close family member passed away on Mother's Day at the young age of 61 :( Sadly puts life into an all too real perspective. First of all my parents are not too far from that age and second of all if I were to die at that age I would be half way through my life. I don't feel as though I have lived enough to be halfway through my life. I guess I better get livin'! Anyways he will be deeply, deeply missed by many many people - mostly of course his wife and his two boys that are in their 20's! Happily the family is full of faith and we all know that we will see him one day in Heaven :)

I had made a giveaway but the few people that did enter then got their comments deleted when Blogger did some obviously VERY crappy maintenance. SO it seems not many people read my blog anymore (my fault for not posting often). So there was no interest in the giveaway so I suppose I will revisit that at a later time. 

Our trip to Florida is in 23 days or so and I am very excited. My husband will get to see family he has not EVER met in his life and some he hasn't seen in years. So it's all pretty awesome! We are also going to stay at a hotel for three nights (the first being on our third anniversary) and go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. This also marks the time when we will start TTC although TECHNICALLY that time will be after I ovulate. I don't want to get pregnant before Florida because of all the rides we will be on and all. Just not safe! So technically speaking late June will be when we are actually TTC. So I wouldn't find out if I was pregnant until around my birthday again - which is weird because that was when we found out we were pregnant with Peyton. That would be strange but at the same time I don't have superstitions about such things. I just pray that it will be as easy to get pregnant this time as it was the first two times :)

If you love Etsy make sure to check out my CRAFT BLOG :) I will be starting regular posts - such as featuring undiscovered shops, those I like, sales tips, etc.

I love you soo much Riley & Peyton!!!

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  1. Woohoo for vacations and putting "practicing" to work. :D

    I really hope things go smoothly for you as soon as you are back in the game too.


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