Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Please help!

Hi everyone! I have been busy busy busy in my Etsy shop for the last month! And my efforts have worked! I have gotten almost 40 sales in one month :)

I am featured on this blog and if I get the most votes I will get my own full feature! Which means more exposure :) You can also submit your own item if you have an Etsy shop - to be considered for another time when she does this!

Vote in the LEFT COLUMN for RED QUEEN!!!

PLEASE HELP ME! Someone else has a lot of friends who are voting for them and I need some votes too!!!

Also check out and follow my craft blog if you get a chance :) 
You can find coupons for my store there!!

Also I just started making and selling these new infant loss awareness 
earrings/necklaces in my ETSY SHOP

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