Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cheers & Jeers #5

Cheers to why wasn't I the one to think of this LOL
Have I tried them? No. But they seem to be a great idea! No need to be uncomfy when company stops by :)

Jeers to Kate Gosselin and her kids being on Sarah Palin's Alaska – oh brother now we are taking two annoying shows and putting them TOGETHER! Gosh what fun : /

Cheers to Conan's show where he plays up that his Production Assistant Christ Ultimo should be on the Jersey shore TV show- HILARIOUS

Jeers to all the people that decorate their house for Christmas by doing TONS of blow up decorations that I have affectionately (note sarcasm) named "BLOWUP THROW UP" because they make me want to throw up! I hate them - I find them boring and a waste of electric and yard space.  This picture is what I would like to do to every blow up throw up house LOL
(sorry if you are one of these sad houses LOL)

Cheers to The Christmas Can-Can by Straight No Chaser – I LOVE IT!
WATCH IT darn it – it's GREAT! (If you like it check out 12 Days of Christmas too!!)

Jeers to books that are turned into movies when the director makes the ending COMPLETELY different than the ending of the book - SO DUMB! For instance My Sister's Keeper. Also movies like Mystic River that had significantly important info missing!

On that note though minus a few changes from the book and age discrepancies with the main character I really like Charlie St. Cloud!

Cheers to Modern Family and the dad FREAKING out on the cologne guy :) Here's the Hulu address: go forward to 11:32 - you may have to watch too RELALY short adds but it's worth it! :)


  1. Okay, I so want a pair of those Pajama jeans. They haven't started advertising them here in the great white north yet.

  2. I was SO angry at My Sisters Keeper!

  3. I could not believe that Kate + Sarah show. I wanted to puke. Both of them make me want to puke every time I see them, Sarah more than Kate. Having to be exposed to the commercials for that episode is so torturous. Having to look at either of them is about as much fun as dipping a paper cut in acid. BARF!


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