Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beautiful Music

I wanted to write about my friends CDs. They put one out in 2007, did a concert in our area awhile after that and have now done a Christmas CD. Each CD is $10 and there is a $2 shipping fee. They are using the money gained from these sales to put towards the adoption of an Ethiopian child. They have three beautiful biological children also :) This is their blog: Foster Family Journey. Feel free to stop there and encourage them on their journey and let them know you headed over from Jessica Malloy's blog :) They would love the support! THIS post mentions the CD.They also have a  Facebook page.

The Fosters have been working towards this adoption for years and are finally at the top of the list! Here is the site to go to if you are interested in purchasing the CD - ALSO you can check out a couple full examples of the songs and some previews of the others. I forgot to mention that the couple that is adopting the child is my church's Assistant Pastor and his wife. :)

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  1. That is awesome that you are supporting your friend... Happy ICLW


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