Friday, September 10, 2010

My day mainly in pictures....

Today was a nice day and it started out with a BEAUTIFUL morning! Here are some pictures I took... I plan to carry my camera around everywhere now that I found a case to somewhat protect it :)

Picture out the car window on the way to the doctor's appointment

So the day started with a gorgeous blue sky and clouds and it made me smile :) We went to Wendy's drive thru to get lunch - total rip off! The specialist appointment was today and my husband and I both thought he was great. I got some bloodwork done to check for blood thinning, thickening issues etc. and a bunch of other stuff. He had them check my Hcg quantity because IF it wasn't back to normal yet it could effect one of the tests but he said that wouldn't be a huge deal. I have to get a HSG in a month or two - a dye test to see if my uterus could be causing my miscarriages. Given my D & C was only a couple weeks ago I have to wait to get this until after my second cycle. I hope this doesn't delay anything... we shall see. The doc said the testing of the remains could help tell more too once the results come back.

After the doctor we went to spend time with Nate's grandma, dad, and hid dad's girlfriend. It was nice :) His grandma as always commented about how she loved my hair but today she said she loved my "jazzy hair style" which I found to be extra cute. I find it amazing that his 87 year old grandma is jealous of my spiky hair cut! LOL Although my grandma prefers short hair so maybe older women just like shorter hair dos LOL!

IMAX - Nate told me I was a rebel for taking a picture! ;) LOL

Then we went to see Resident Evil: Afterlife in 3-D at the IMAX! FAN-TAB-U-LOUS! Loved it loved it loved it! Nate and I agree that was the beat one which is saying a lot! For the forth movie that is impressive - usually sequels get worse and worse. I hope they make more :) I'm a huge fan of sci-fi type movies and I don't mind a zombie or too. My biggest favs are the Alien movies! I get it from my dad ;)

Side note: I realized after the movie that was the first time in the past 3 weeks that for 2 hours I did not think about my miscarriages. That was an odd thing to realize. It made me feel a bit bad but I did not let it ruin my mood. Which I am proud of if I do say so myself!

Then we were hungry cause we are dinner early so we went to the one place in our area where you can get two different types of fast food. Taco Bell and KFC :) I got a chocolate bucket parfait with my chicken. I LOVE them - every time we went there when I was a child my mom would let us each get one! YUM! Gotta love things that remind you of your childhood!

LOL Nate making a silly face - KFC and Taco Bell in one building YUM!

Little bucket parfait - chocolate - from KFC - they remind me of my childhood - YUM!

Nate and I after the movie and eating :)

Hot chocolate!
Me and Gabby!

A cup of hot chocolate and a movie after our nice day out :) (and of course I had to write this blog LOL)
Have a lovely night here's hoping that tomorrow is filled with at least a little sunshine and some smiles :)

Goodnight my babies! Mommy and daddy love you very much. We miss you and wish you were with us...


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous day!

    Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. I've been meaning to drop over and say hello, but I've been consumed with my own grief lately.

    Hope today has been a good one. Thinking of you, mama.

  2. Looks like a great day! :)

    I hope that you are able to get some results back from your blood tests to give you an idea of what may be happening. I know for me, having answers helps me rationalize things. I like knowing 'why'.

    I am glad that you were able to have some time to be distracted from your grief. It is weird and I understand feeling guilty about it sometimes, I am glad you didn't let it ruin your fun day though!

    Thinking of you!


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