Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holiday Ornament Swap / Video / ABC paintings

First off make sure to check out the Remembering Together Swap for the ornament exchange! If you didn't participate last year you should this year! It is a true blessing to receive something for your angel(s). You can fill out a form for each of your angels if you want (just realize you will make the same amount of ornaments as you receive). Click on the button below to go to the page - the form to fill out can be found there!

Deadline is Nov. 18th to sign up! 
Sorry for the rush but a group of us took this on as the lovely BLM who ran it last year was unable to this year. 

Thought I would share a video I made of my sweet babies' heartbeat :) Hope you enjoy it! He/she had a nice and strong heartbeat!!

So funny that even though I made that long VLOG post the other week I STILL hate the sound of my voice on video even when it's just a couple times on this video LOL ;)

Here are the ABC paintings I have completed so far :)


  1. What an amazing sound Jess!! Truly one of the best sounds in the world:)

    Your blocks are so cute! I sure wish I could do that.

    Thank you for talking with me today. I hope I didn't keep you too long.

    Lots of love to you and your babies!

  2. Those paintings are adorable. I wish I was creative like that. They look great!

  3. Beautiful letters! You are so gifted in the art area!!

    Your tater and angels have a great mommy!

  4. Love the heartbeat!!!!

    Great job on the blocks too :)


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