Thursday, November 3, 2011

Alphabet Paintings for Tater Tot's room :)

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So I bought these 4 inch x 4 inch canvases in packs back in July. They were normally $40 (for 9 canvases) and I got FOUR packs of them for $40 !!! Yeaaaa! I had NO clue what I would do with Cornerstone Pay them but then I remembered my cousin's kids LOVE the alphabet. Obviously were not babies when they started loving the alphabet - they were like 2 - but still it will be art that can be used in our child's room for years :)

So I had 35 canvases which is obviously PLENTY to do the alphabet! I was THRILLED when I thought of my idea! Sooo I drew up all the ideas and then painted the backgrounds of all the canvases. Here's what I have so far!

Airplane, Balloons, Crab, Dog, Elephant, Frog, Goldfish, Hamburger

Ice Cream, Jack-O-Lantern, Kite, Ladybug, Moon, Nest, Owl, Penguin

Queen, Robot, Snail, Turtle, Umbrella, Viper, Watermelon, Xylophone
Yellow jacket, Zebra

The end goal is to attach the 7 letters in each of the 4 rows with a thin piece of board that the canvases will be screwed into. The last 2 openings will contain one little canvas that says "Now I know my ABC's" and another that says "next time won't you sing with me" :)

As I get more finished, I'll post more pictures!!! 

What does everyone think!??!

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  1. You are one creative mama! Love the idea. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

  2. So cute!! I think it'll look great!

  3. Cute!!!! You are so crafty:) I know the baby will love looking at them even before they know all their letters;) My daughter has loved learning the alphabet since before she was 2:) What a fun piece of art for the baby's room:)

  4. I love it so much, you are very talented!


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