Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 25 & 26 - and a bullying article about "Fatties"

Day 25 - My day in great detail

Well I should have posted this yesterday soooo yesterday I slept in, showered, went to my parents to do my laundry. Watched some HGTV while waiting for the laundry to be done. After about 2 hours I left with my laundry completed and came home. I had a quick salad for lunch and then went to my hair appointment at 2:30 - showered my hair stylist my earrings I make - she bought 3 pairs (I sell them 3 for $20) and then waxed my eyebrows and cut my hair. Which made it an even trade LOL I gave her the $20 back. After that I talked for awhile with someone who knows I am a BLM. Little did I know however that she also lost a child. She was going through chemo and had NO idea she was pregnant until 5 months! Not long after though - because of chemo treatments and what not - she found out the baby had died. We talked about our faith though through such tragedy and all in all it was comforting. I mailed out two pairs of peacock feather earrings I had just sold in my Etsy shop and then I went to the grocery store got a pumpkin and some other stuff and then came home. After that I watched some t.v. shows and went on the random number generator site and choose my giveaway winners. Then made pancaked and eggs for me and my husband. Some more t.v. and other boring things and I went to bed way too late....

Day 26 - My week in great detail

BORING - Ummmm I was sick so not much happened
Last Monday - sick, enough said (lost 3.2 lbs. on weight watchers) - watched tv on the couch,  Last Tuesday - repeat of Monday - Last Wednesday - starting to feel better, went to an unemployment meeting, picked up sonograms at my doctors office, got my tattoo touched up, Last Thursday - Not feeling great again - more couch time - Last Friday - read blogs - went out with Nate to see Hereafter and ate at Outback Steakhouse - yummy! Saturday - bummed around the house - Sunday - Church, groceries, watched t.v., painted - Monday - laundry, posted giveaway winners - Today (Tuesday) - Painted, watched a whole lotta Lifetime Movie Network. Yep I'm boring - but hey - to each their own right?


Ok on to bigger and better things (or in this womens opinion bigger and grosser)
CHECK OUT THIS LINK AND READ THIS ARTICLE and the stupid pointless apology at the end...

Overweight Couples on Television - Marie Claire

THIS below was my comment on the site after reading this filth:

"I was DISGUSTED that this article was published. I don't think that you deserve to be a writer if you are going to write articles filled with hate. Honestly in your "apology" if you can call it that - you actually made it WORSE! Saying that you did not MEAN to hurt people or be offensive - give me a BREAK! Do you think "fatties" can't READ! Because guess what we CAN! Did you think no "morbidly obese" people would read this - because I'm sure they have and I'm sure they will! Congratulations on creating a name for yourself by being a size-est bullying disgusting person. And seriously saying that you will give people TIPS to lose weight! Really how full of yourself can you POSSIBLY be. I seriously hope you read ALL of these comments and that you realize what a completely ignorant person you are. It is NOT easy to lose weight - for some with certain biological issues it can be downright impossible (I know a few). So get down off your skinny little high horse and look around the world - Obesity is rampant - making nasty hateful comments is not going to get it to go away. People like you are not going to make it go away. Have a heart woman - maybe your hateful attitude is why you need to "marry your job" and I would say that marriage could end once Marie Claire realizes how many people canceled subscriptions because of your stupidity. At your age you should know better. How dare you say fat people kissing grosses you out - what are you 4 years old? Seriously! Exceptionally skinny people can be gross to me but I don't go around and write an ARTICLE about it! Get over yourself. And while you are at it maybe think of a better apology... because the one your wrote is pointless."

Society makes me so sad sometimes.... the title of my comment was " You should be BEYOND ashamed of yourself!"

Sometimes people just make me SICK!

Riley & Peyton momma loves you and I am glad you are someplace where you will never deal with such hate. All you know is love and that makes me smile. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and miss you more than I can describe.


  1. Your comment back was awsome!!!

    Sorry to hear you have not been feeling good! Hope you get better...

  2. Hope your feeling better! You are so sweet and amzing.


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