Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 20 - A hobby and how it has changed since your loss...

Day 20 - A hobby and how it has changed since your loss...

So ever since I learned about ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) I have loved making them. For those that don't know ATC's are pieces of art that are the size of playing cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches) that can be traded for other ATC's.

Sooo... here are some that I made before my loss....

Day of the Dead ATC

Two ATC's to make one butterfly - with metallic paint

Made this one for my hubby when we were dating...
Photo collage ATC

Biblical reference ATC
2 Cor. 4:18

As for more recently - the ATC's I have made have been for BLM's here are a few:

For Leslie's sweet babies
For Annette's sweet baby
For Brigette's sweet boy
For Priscilla's baby boy

 So my art has changed because now I make it mainly for BLM's which before I didn't... before it was a world I knew nothing about....

Another hobby is making Altrered Books. This mind you is a hobby I have not visited in a couple years so it hasn't changed since my loss but here are pics of the first one I made (sorry some pics are on the side but I couldn't switch them)....

Front cover



Matchbox drawer... picture of me and my cousin with my great grandma

Pages cut in half.... Angel photo (you'll recognize that from my blog's button!)

Who said finger painting was only for kids?

Cover and back... "Any Woman's Blues"

Riley & Peyton momma loves you very much... I will think of you always and never forget you...


  1. I absolutely LOVE your artwork -- especially the one you made for us. ;) We received it right before we hit the road, so it's still in the rubbermaid full of our angels' things (no way would we let the movers touch any of that so it went in the truck with us!), but I totally plan on displaying it. You're incredibly talented! :)


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