Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 19 - a Talent of yours

Day 19 - a talent I have....

Well contrary to my sarcastic over confidence I am not a huge fan of talking up what I am good at. But since it is a question I will answer it...

I would say the first thing I would think of as a talent that I have would be singing. I have sung since I was a child. This is the only recording I have that I can post on here so I am sure many have seen it - but this is when I sang 'I will carry you' by Selah at church. I sang for my babies... (if you heard it all ready feel free to ignore...)

Another talent would be art - I was choosing between going to school to be an art teacher or a music (vocal) teacher - but given I can't read music AT ALL it seemed art was the only choice LOL! The main artistic things that I have done lately are make wedding boards for people that order them. Here are four examples:

I make other things too like baby boards and name boards and what not such as the ones below:

I fear tomorrow may be a bit of a repeat post because this talent is also sort of my hobby.... oh well.


I'm still sick :(  Last night I woke up a variety of time coughing so bad because I was choking on phelgm - gross I know! Sorry... Sooo I'm just hoping after this week is out I will feel better - at least by the weekend!!!



  1. You are amazingly talented Jessica. *hugs*

  2. What AMAZING talent!!! I have yet to mention the artwork that you mailed me for Jake's birthday on my blog, but I absolutely LOVED it! (This blog post made me think of that. :) )

    Also, sending a blog award your way. I realize you've already been nominated, but I'm a bit late on this... :)


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