Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 12 - Something you are OCD about...

Day 12 - Something I am OCD about...

Okay this one took me a bit to think about but once I did I was like DUH (lol) it was so obvious. I am a freaking lunatic about blankets on my bed. Let me explain... First of all I DO NOT let me repeat DO NOT tuck my blankets in under the mattress. It drives me MAD! The first thing I do when I get into bed at a hotel is UNTUCK all the blankets!! The next thing is that all the blankets have to be on the bed correctly and even at the top. They all MUST be flush with each other. It drives me coo coo if the sheet is up higher than the top blanket, etc. I literally stare down my husband if he starts to pull the blankets up before they are even. LOL.

Yes I am a nutcase. ;)

Gotsta substitute in the a.m. and then TONS of jewelry to make after that.... goodnight ladies

Riley & Peyton I love you SO very much!


  1. That is so funny because I am exactly the same way. I even have to have my own sheet and blanket so my husband won't mess it up. So I guess we can be nutcases together:)

    Have a great day!


  2. you're weird!! lol. I agree about the blankets tucked in, I hate that. But our bed is never ever made.

  3. Elaine - lol - thanks ;) I never make my bed either I fix the blankets every night when I get into bed LOL I'm not OCD about how it looks when I sleep just when I'm sleeping haha ;) Which is even weirder LOL

  4. LOL - Sorry, but this is funny! heehe


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