Thursday, September 23, 2010

Plaque and others... (creative every day)

My plaque I made for Riley

My plaque I made for Peyton

Plaque before I put the name on it

detail - colors can be changed

My tattoo drawing. Lettering will be different and shading will be better 
 SO WHAT DO YOU THINK? :) I expect some reactions from my dear friends :)

I would write more but I am beyond exhausted. So I will sleep and look forward to my friends reactions :)

Goodnight Riley and Peyton, mommy loves you very very much. I hope you like your signs as much as I do! I will never ever forget you my loves!


  1. Jess,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all three of those!!! You are so talented. Those wings are so beautiful and the hearts are such a sweet touch. I love the gold and black on the plaque and I love that you are using the awareness ribbon in you tatoo. I just know that Riley and Peyton love their plaques and your tatoo drawing. Again I just want to tell you how absolutely gorgeous those all are! I wish I had that kind of talent.

  2. I love the design! You've got talent!!


  3. Those are great - I love the permanence of all of them. We have a tree that I constantly worry about... and that we'll have to move away from.

  4. Thanks - I love them all. I have even put the plaques up for sale so that others can buy one if they wish. I hate to make them so much money but they take forever to make!

  5. The plagues are beautiful. I love the idea of your tattoo. That will be so awesome to have!!


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