Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A gross post vacation homecoming....

Soooo long time no post! I know, I know - shame shame on me. I will explain the length in between posts at some point but as for now I will get on to this post.

We went on a long (incredibly TOO long) road trip to see my husband's family. We drove from Buffalo, NY to Virginia Beach, VA (it took 13 hours) then the following night we drove from there to Summerville, SC (another 7 hours). We had one day off then drove BACK to VA (another 7 hours) and then one other day off and all the way back to NY (11 hours). EEK! FAAARRRRR too much time in a car! The time NOT spent in the car was very enjoyable though - I love my husband's family. Wish they lived around here. While I totally love my FIL my MIL drives me NUTS and sadly she does live around here ;) LOL go figure!

On to the point.... we had rented a car so my mom picked us up at the airport and we ate dinner with her and she brought us home. Upon coming into the house there was a nasty smell. I swear to you that in our hallway it smells like a DEAD FISH! nasty nasty nasty!

I swear to you I have smelled EVERYTHING in my apartment and can't find where this smell is coming from! My cat doesn't go outside so she could not have brought a dead thing up here. The fridge doesn't smell, the oven doesn't smell, the sinks don't smell, no old potatoes (because that's happened before and they SMELL), NOTHING! I don't get it!!!!!! I'm gonna clean the fridge anyways but I swear to you if I didn't know better I would assume there was a dead fish in the hallway wall! YUCK!

I literally just massively cleaned this whole apartment so it makes no sense to have this smell. I mean honestly even before it was cleaned this smell would make no sense (It wasn't THAT messy)!



  1. I hate when there is a rancid smell and you can't find the source. Maybe a mouse crawled in the a/c ducts and died? That's the only thing I can think of, but then I wouldn't expect it to smell like dead fish!

    I hope the smell goes away soon! Gag....

  2. oh man! That has happened to me before... we were living with my Aunt, and a rat got stuck in the walls and died... the stink was coming from an outlet plug! They had to take apart the wall... it was a disaster!

    Thinking fresh clean smell's for you!


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