Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sale time...

**Note: I added a new page (right hand column) of a list I have started of movies that contain child loss or any subjects that may be upsetting for BLMs - please let me know if you have any others**

For those that don't know... I have quite a few other blogs :) One is Heaven's Doves where I make dove photos for those that have lost a child. Another is my movie review blog where I review movies (I LOVE watching movies!) And I have my store blog (button below and you can grab my button from my right hand column or my store's page)! (I also own a domain but it is currently under construction)

TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR EARTH: MEMORIAL ART is where I make art for those that have lost a child.

I am having a huge SALE! There are TWO great deals!!!!! Angel plaques are normally $30 but I am having a sale on them - they are now only $22.00 total! Shipping is FREE! 

ALSO if you order anything else in the store (from 1/26/11 - 2/11/11) I will include either a free pair of handmade earrings OR a small handpainted sign with your child's name on it! YOUR CHOICE! For free! Shipping is free on all items! 
 ***If you order more than one thing there will only be one pair or one sign included...***


Here are a variety of ones I have made. Any colors are available!


Now only $22  

You can view a 
variety of choices from


Earrings I have made in the past. A pair (peacock earrings are only available for purchase) will be included (OR a small handpainted sign with your child's name on it - picture to come) with any order other than an angel plaque. Normally they cost $8
each or 3 pairs for $20!

Handpainted plaque.

Handpainted plaqu

Peacock wrap necklace

Handpainted quote frame

Handpainted LARGE sign

Name board w/birthdate OR angel date

Name board

Handpainted letters

Handpainted quote board

Handpainted initial canvas
pop tab bracelet

Angel bracelet

Rainbow baby board

Wedding board (various designs available)
Another wedding board

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