Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last day to enter my GIVEAWAY! & Day 24

(So yea I'm super excited about my giveaway I stinking LOVE to make things for other people! If only I loved making stuff for myself as much maybe our bedroom would have some paintings in it LOL)

Day 24 - Where do you live

I live in the Buffalo, NY area. My first pet peeve and issue with living in NY is that MANY (way way too many) people seem to think I live near New York City! I DO NOT! For those of you who think that - there is a whole freaking STATE not just the little island of NYC! Get with it ;) 

SO (note picture) case in point - I live VERY far from NYC :) So you can imagine when I lived and taught in North Carolina and the adults (mind you not just my students) asked me if I was going to WALK to Times Square to see the ball drop I was SLIGHTLY astounded! Even when I explained that I live near NIAGARA FALLS (ya know CANADA) they still did not find it odd to ask me that question HELLOO geography people geesh!  

(That's like the lady on Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader - she got asked which other country shared the largest border with the U.S.A. - she went hmmmm "Canada or Mexico - Yep - Mexico" and hit the button!!! AHHHH - needless to say she was NOT smarter than a 5th grader - or most people for that matter - good grief)

Anywho Niagara Falls is old news to me I have lived here my whole life LOL - I did realize upon moving though that we live near a VERY large mall (200 + stores) I am not a big shopper at all (much happier making art and watching t.v. - malls are more like places to go see a movie to me LOL) but when I lived in NC and needed a dress boy was I sad with my shopping choices - I guess I am spoiled living near such a mall.

Hmmm other than that - I am sure in future blogs you will hear many angry tones through my typing about all the crappy freaking snow - and probably pictures. Those that don't deal with it will go "oh how cool so much snow" those of us that live in it DO NOT think it is cool! Cause we have to DRIVE in it and shovel it and well it down right sucks. 

LOL so I am a Western New Yorker (no I do not have a NYC accent LOL that is stricktly for those in NYC) I have a northern accent I suppose. I do have a whole lotta sarcasm (which I also learned in the south is not so normal) and though I hate snow I will probably live here forever. That's the hope anyways - close to family and those I love.

Momma loves you Riley and Peyton! SO SO SO much!!!! xoxoxo


  1. It's amazing what some people will say or ask! I'm sure the comments/questions get old, but it's rather amusing to hear about the "walking to Times Square." Ha. I'd absolutely LOVE to see your part of the country! Feel free to send some of that snow my way. :) Being from the Midwest, I'm going to really miss it now that we live in the South.

  2. I love Niagara Falls! We're about a 1.5 hour drive from it. I hate the snow too. But what can you do.

  3. It's good to read more about you :) I'm still catching up on everyone's 30 days posts.


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