Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 22-23 & GIVEAWAY!

First of all it is exceedingly important that you enter my GIVEAWAY! I posted the giveaway in yesterday's posting!

Day 22 - A website that has been meaningful to me since my loss

Faces of Loss, Face of Hope

This website was the first place that I told my story after reading some other stories. I also credit this website with me starting this blog. IF Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope did not give you the option of leaving a blog at the end of your story I may have never come in contact with all of you wonderful ladies who I cherish SO much :)


Day 23 - A YouTube video that makes me laugh

*This next one does have a baby in it - fair warning in case this is a trigger for anyone*


  1. Those are both freaking hilarious!

  2. These are funny videos! LOL Thx for sharing!


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