Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 18 - My wedding (in pictures)

I got married to my husband Nathan on June 14, 2008 (yes I know that it's flag day, though I never knew before then LOL). It was a large wedding, over 300 people attended though the wedding was not extremely expensive which was nice :)  It was a wonderful day followed by a wonderful honeymoon in Lake Placid, NY in the Adirondack Mountains.
My wedding dress

My beautiful flower girls...

Me and my dad

During the ceremony

Watching our friends sing the beautiful song "The Prayer" (it's in my playlist to the right)

Getting ready to light the unity candle

Lighting the unity candle

Our first kiss as husband and wife

end of the ceremony

the entire bridal party

My parents and sister

me (back then I had long hair LOL)

entire bridal party

entering the reception

us with our wedding cake made by my fabulous cousin

this picture proves that my husband got more cake on me then I did on him ;) He said I was worse till I showed him this!

my husband getting some cake

My hair's up cause it was SO hot that June

always comfort first - flip flops!!!!

my bridesmaids

Me and my cousins sweet little girl (my flower girl)

Dancing at the reception

My crazy husband and some of his groomsmen and friends (this is their metal face LOL) 
The groomsmen all changed in to 70's outfits for the reception

Our metal faces... LOL.... upon seeing this picture my cousins little girl said "why is nate crying" LOL

A beautiful day before loss entered my life...


I cancelled my appointments I had today. I couldn't do it I still feel awful. I went to the doctor he says I have some sort of infection and put me on amoxicillin - hopefully it helps... On the one positive note of the day - I got my wedding rings back today :) :) :) I have not been able to wear them for about 3 months. They were very tight so when I found out I was pregnant I immediately took them off. So I had to take them in to be resized... and they are back :) YEA!

Momma loves you Riley & Peyton. I think of you every day!


  1. I love the close up of you, you look beautiful. And the pic of you w/ the lil one is absolutely adorable!! The metal faces?? AWESOME!!! Hope you feel better soon, praying for you =)

  2. You look so beautiful.. and the metal faces....!!! :D AUGH!! lolol I love love them. <3 : )

  3. Oh my, so funny (the metal faces and 70's outfits). I didn't know you had a Riley too. There must be a special section of Heaven for baby Riley's.


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