Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update....Logan's coming soon :)

So we had the appointment with my doctor today. He started out by measuring my uterus....if only I could have taken a picture of the look on his face!! It measured 44 cm!!! YIKES Logan is a big boy there is NO doubt about that!! So then he did a quick exam and surprise, surprise (note sarcasm) there has been (yet again) NO progress. His head is nowhere near engaged. He couldn't even feel my cervix and my bishop score is a 0 out of 10 - I am completely unfavorable for induction. Also given the narrowness of my pelvic bones most likely even if I was induced Logan wouldn't fit anyways. On top of that he said he could tell where his shoulders were and if his head managed to fit most likely his shoulders wouldn't.... So all in all I COULD wait longer but he should have dropped by now and likely won't fit anyways so c-section is the best option.

I am fine with this and feel it is certainly the best decision for me. I want my boy here safely and he doesn't seem able to make it on his own and I am sure not going to wait too long and have something awful happen. So c-section it is!! We go into the hospital at 9am on Monday (April 30th) and the surgery will happen when he is done with his other surgeries that are scheduled already. The day was booked but THANK GOODNESS he let me have the c-section that day anyways!!! MADE MY DAY!

Now I just have to pray that I don't gnaw my foot off in severe hunger while waiting to get the surgery LOL. Most likely the surgery won't take place until after noon so this mama will be starving afterwards but apparently it's all liquid diet until you pass gas (as if pregnancy isn't unsexy enough right now LOL) - so needless to say my goal after surgery is to pass gas haha because I will want some solid food darn it all! And a slipping YUMMY sub cause man I have missed deli meat the past nine months!!

SOOOooo I plan to have my laptop with me at the hospital and I will be in there for 3 days after the surgery. When I am feeling up to it I will certainly post some pics - though probably now with many words as I will be busy cuddling my sweet little one. I will do my very best to get photos on here though when I am up to it :)

Thank you all SO much for your love and support!!! <3


  1. I love that little guy and can't wait to meet him! Thank you so much for sharing all of your babies with us. I love each and every one of them and their mama too!!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday Logan:)

  2. Yeah! So happy you will have your boy in your arms on MONDAY!!!! Sure does sound that a c-section is the best way to go since he is so big and not progressing! Yes- you don't want to put yourself or him in harms way! Praying for the surgery to go smoothly!

  3. Yay Yay YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to meet him!!

    Oh man, I ordered a caesar salad first thing after having BOTH my babies;) Clayton thought I was crazy but I had missed the dressing so bad!

    Can't wait for Monday...:)

  4. This is good news. It is time for him to arrive.
    I can't wait to meet him. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Can't wait! So excited for you :) Please keep us posted, I will be checking your blog for the announcement. (This is my 2nd post, I'm the BLM with my 7 month rainbow). Lots of hugs & prayers for you and Logan.

  6. So excited for you... April 30th sounds like a great day for a birthday party! :-)

  7. Oh - that's TOMORROW! Thinking of you and hoping/praying for a beautiful birthday for Logan!!!

  8. This is today! Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see him!!!

  9. Happy Mother's Day! Missing your blogs. Hugs BLM with 7.5 month rainbow. XOXO B


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