Tuesday, January 19, 2016

 The things I wish people NEVER EVER SAID!

**READ ENTIRE ENTRY before you get all high and mighty**

1 - First thing no one should ever say..... ANYTHING to degrade someone's appearance EVER
**you're too skinny, fat, dorky looking, gawky, awkward.... etc. etc. RUDEEEEE**

First off let's get something straight! EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL! You are ALL freaking BEAUTIFUL! I don't care if you are 100 lbs. or 600 lbs., I don't care if you have acne, or think you are freakishly tall. Or that your nose is too big. You know what. YOU are the way YOU are meant to be in this moment! God made us who we are. Can we alter that, sure we can. But we are all
B E A U T I F U L!

 1) Societies views of BEAUTY are beyond psychotic. It is sickening and sad how quickly children think they are too fat or feel bad about themselves. Sickening. Adults are teaching them these socially constructed ideas....WE NEED TO STOP THIS. Teach our children to LOVE EVERYONE to see beauty in all people. STOP the judgement.

2) We are adults - and we are the worst with this. People who are hearing these degrading words likely have called themselves that or thought that EVERY DAY! People know what they look like, know what people think. I wish we could all see how beautiful we were to those who love us. I wish we all knew that. I hope for even ONE moment that beauty is shown to each and every one of you through something, someone. You deserve it. 

3) Life is beautiful. Life is good. Life is SO MUCH MORE than our looks. The sooner we can see this - the sooner there are more beautiful days to share with others....


Easier said than done - heck yes!

2 - "You are SO lucky to have it EASY and get to be a Stay at home mom..." Add to that "Oh you JUST have X amount of kids...."

Mothers deal with a LOT - WAY too much to be honest. As a stay at home mom we get the glory of it all (sarcasm intended)!  We deal with far more than most AND on top of that we have morons thinking we are living the high life not having to work. 

1) Many moms would like to work - would like to get out a bit. Childcare is expensive. Logically many stay home because why on Earth would they work just to pay someone else to raise their children.... and then there would be judgement for THAT.

2) It is not EASY by any means being a stay at home mom - it is WORK lots and lots of WORK. To the point where honestly I find it hard to relax...when most people leave the mess in their office they can forget it till the next workday....not me because I LIVE WHERE I WORK! So I am constantly reminded of the failure to clean the counter, do the laundry, do those dishes in the sink... so on and so forth. NOT FUN PEOPLE - NOT FUN!

3) Stop saying JUST in regards to kids. EVERYONE has different things to deal with as a parent. We all have different things to deal with in regards to our children. So by saying JUST it implies that we are lazy our somehow doing something wrong by not having/wanting more children. It is not your right to assume that you know how many kids anyone should have NOR should you assume they CAN have more children - you may have hit a VERY tough nail there with that simple saying and seriously put a dark cloud over someone's day. THINK.

4) Stay at home moms have the most under-appreciated, overly glorified job known to the world. Here anyone who is NOT a SAHM thinks it's the bee's knees AND we get paid NOTHING. We have the hardest job that literally NEVER ends. We are at our job 24/7 - no sick days, no vacations, no personal days. On call ALWAYS.

5) If we are seen in public it is somehow shocking our child(ren) are not tied to us.... and then if daddy is with them he is praised for being so great to BABYSIT..... um he's not babysitting - they are HIS KIDS - and also - my so easy job I do EVERY day is someone now massively noteworthy for him? Crazy.... I would say so (no qualms on my hubby here - this is not his doing and I DO appreciate those moments of grocery shopping to not have to take an unwilling child - but I think you get my point)

6) As a stay at home mom it can be VERY hard to feel like you lost that part of you that felt useful bringing money into the household. To lose that part of your identity. To be seen as someone taking care of the house, the kids, the husband. It can begin to feel almost demeaning. It's hard

I digress....I could go on and on

(in the same respect lets not judge working moms - we all do what we need to do. Just don't judge in general - I just feel being a SAHM is too glorified...when in reality it is NOT easy!)

3) "Why are you so emotional, sad, just wake up and BE HAPPY"

Mental illness is a huge epidemic. People view suicide as weakness. It is often the result of a mental illness. The sad end to a person who could not handle what their brain and body were put through. It was not selfishness. It was not the easy way out. It was not any of the awful things people say and think. 

1) There are SO many mental illnesses. The most commonly heard I imagine is Depression. Been there. Terrified DAILY (literally) that I will become depressed again. There was no cause of my depression. It literally seemed like I woke up one day and I was sad. UNbarably sad. I sought help. Went through some hellish, awful times, and improved. But I still get sad. For apparently no reason. In those moments I fear that sadness won't send. It''s terrifying. It's a constant struggle. But I am so happy to be who I am. To not be labeled "Depressed" anymore. But that time taught me more than anything DON'T JUDGE mental illness. You do not have ANY idea what that person is dealing with!

2) Medication is NECESSARY for most of these illnesses! It is not a weakness, it is not laziness, it is not drug seeking behavior. I was medicated when I was depressed. It helped. I am alive today because of the love of my family and because that medication helped me. Again STOP the judgement just STOP!

3) Mental illness is not something that you can just wake up and ignore. It's not a BAD MOOD. It's a disease. A switch that isn't connected right in your brain. Stop treating people that have these illnesses like they are having an off day like they lost their job... it's not the case. It's not that simple.

#4 - At least you ONLY had a miscarriage.... at least you weren't far along... everything happens for a reason - ANY statement WHATSOEVER about losing a child.....period.

1) You should never say ANY statement about the loss of a child. No matter when that loss happened. Whether you have endured a loss of some sort too - it doesn't matter. Say I am sorry for your loss. Give a hug. Lend and ear. NEVER compare. 

2) I DO believe that I will meet my 3 babies in Heaven one day. I feel them with me often. My losses were all 14 weeks or earlier in pregnancy. But they were devastating. As any loss is. Don't compare such a tragedy. Ever.

3) Don't compare infertility with losing a child. Infertility is it's own battle, I know many who have dealt with it. BUT it is not the same as knowing you were pregnant, dreaming of a baby in your arms, and losing that. It is just not. It is illogical.

4) You never know a battle someone may be fighting.... there is REALLY good chance that you know MANY people who have lost a child. Our society doesn't smile upon sharing our losses. I have always been open with my situation but many don't wish to be that way. SO don't think you know everyone's story.... don't comment on things that could seriously hurt a person. 

You know there are FAR more things I wish people NEVER said. Maybe I will write more someday. Tonight I was deeply deeply hurt because of a situation that a dear friend went through. Something she never should have had to hear. Something I wish I could take out of her brain. I am sending her love and hugs and kindness and many prayers. She is strong and I will always be here! ALWAYS!

I have dealt with ALL of these issues.
1) I am fat by societies standards. I would like to weigh less. I have been told by many I am fat.
2) I am a stay at home mom and I DO love having that ability - please don't judge my honesty - I love my children and am blessed to raise them at home. But it is not a piece of cake.
3) I have been through years of depression and survived.
4) I have lost 3 children to miscarriage.

 I was not always as strong a person as I am now. I could still very easily be dragged down a hole from any of these situations. Any of them. At any moment. I hope that I could bring myself out far quicker nowadays. I am beautiful. I am obese by societies standards. I am "JUST" a stay at home mom during the day - but also have a very busy new business. I have struggled with depression and lived to tell the tale (thank you Lord). I have lost three babies to miscarriages and have 2 on Earth with me. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a daughter. I am a sister. An aunt. A Granddaughter. A singer. A sensitive person. I am an artist. A friend.
I am many many things. And so are you. 


<3 Much love to you all

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


CONFIDENCE! We all have the potential to have confidence! You CAN improve it! I promise and I am proof! Love yourselves.

Check out my video below :)
(man those freeze frames kill me LOL)

It's an epidemic in this country. Lack of confidence. Our society really kills our confidence.
So set a goal. SCREW THE WORLD'S VIEWS! Love yourself. Love others.


Imagine how much better the world would be if we all looked for the BEAUTY in things and didn't judge everything that we saw. Just imagine. It would be great. It all starts somewhere.
Start a revolution of confidence. A pandemic of beauty. An epidemic of PURE AWESOMENESS!

Do it! Feel free to share my video if you would like - make your own even
(thought I understand not liking videos - I got over that with my increased confidence - thanks to my Younique tutorials)! Oh and on those crap days have a killer awesome friend to talk to who always makes things better :)
Post some positive quotes sometimes on your FB - SMILE more often at strangers. 

A smile can change a day! 


Be beautiful! Own it! Know it! LIVE IT! 
Much love to you all!

<3 Riley, Peyton, Cameron - love you my sweets - keep watching over us <3

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Just a little blog change up! VIDEOS! That way I can BLOG but won't keep missing out because of lack of time! Hope you enjoy :)

Me with my boys - a daily survivor of mommy guilt ;)

I got all made up to go to work right AFTER this video ;) 
Another thing - NO MOMMY GUILT about not being all made up all the time! WHO IS?

I SELL makeup for goodness sake! Most of the time I look like I do in that video ladies!
This is the REAL WORLD let's start acting that way!
<3 <3 <3

Feel free to comment below :)
Maybe no ones watching but I still like to let you mommies know - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

<3 Riley, Peyton, Cameron,

We all miss you and love you soo much - give Nana lots of hugs and kisses!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Autism: Different NOT BROKEN

Motherhood...whew I am blessed YES blessed beyond measure. Would not change my children for the world. We had been given some worrisome news about our sweet Logan back in October. His Early Intervention teachers think he may be on the Autism Spectrum. As a mom you NEVER wish for your child to have a label. A label that could make his life more difficult at times. It was a hard few days when that label was brought into my mind. Did I love Logan any less? OF COURSE NOT! To be honest some of his "autistic red flags" are some of the things I love SO SO MUCH about him! Those are parts of him. They may not be TYPICAL behavior (I am learning not to say NORMAL as that is an ugly word) but they are beautiful. He is beautiful. His brain is a mystery to me and I LONG to learn ways to help him communicate. To understand his gorgeous lil' mind.

Of course though at the same time I know Autism will provide struggles. I try to look at that and say well geesh we ALL go through struggles. I have battled severe depression, multiple miscarriages, and so much more. Sadly I may endure more. Is my child having Autism anything like those heartaches? Nope. It is a blip. It does not change who my boy is it just means he needs some help. He will get it. I will assure that. This Mama bear is a FIERCE protector. I will fight to get him EVERY BIT of help he needs. That is my job.

Isn't he gorgeous? Wow I mean I am biased OBVIOUSLY but dang we made some cute boys! So I think with being a BLM (baby loss mama) there is an added amount of mommy guilt. Is it just me? AM I crazy to think that? I feel like I lost three babies so my 2 boys should have the best life I can give them! I mean any mom wants that for their child....but I don't know some days I just don't feel like I'm ENOUGH. I know I am enough (watch Mom's Night Out if you have never seen it - and thank me later - GREAT FLICK) but man I have my days. Logan was our first baby to make it. We lost his twin to miscarriage and 2 babies before that as well. Riley, Peyton, and Cameron. Logan was the first kiddo we held. Whew what a feeling. SO I know bits about autism that are popular, Lack of showing emotion, eye contact issues, etc. Well Logan has none of those so even with his speech issues, etc.  I just never thought Autism. I had NO idea that him being good at playing alone. And not being as much of an attention hogger like Lucas (I never noticed until there was SUCH a difference between them at similar ages). I had no other child to compare to.... so I didn't know there were all these red flags. NO CLUE. I was smart enough to see he was frustrated without the ability to communicate so I DID seek out Early Intervention and he has been having classes since he was 18 months old. They tell me I was proactive and that was the best time he could start getting help. That makes me feel better.

Don't even get me STARTED on the vaccine debate. My child being vaccinated was NOT what caused him to be Autistic. (I have to approve all comments so don't bother arguing your point. No one will ever see it). But ya know what? The little tid bit I WILL say about that.... EVEN if I believed vaccinations could cause Autism (and I DO NOT believe that) I would still take that chance so that my child did not DIE from some horrible disease. Autism is not a life threatening disease. It is a life long label. But a happy long life can be lived. VACCINATION DEBATE TALK OVER. So sick of it I could just barf.

With all this being said we have NO IDEA at this point WHERE on the spectrum Logan falls. We will know more at the end of March after his ADOS testing has been completed. Until then we do all we can to help him, to be patient with him, and to love him. As we will always do. He is different not broken. He is atypical not weird. He is fantastic not to be feared. He is loved LOVED loved! I never was a fan of NORMAL and I am all about being DIFFERENT. So bring it on Autism, bring it on. I am ready. We will embrace it, live through it, endure with love and light and happiness.

On a different note. I applaude my positivity. It amazes me daily. I have NEVER been the most positive person. The clown, the comic, sure. Through sarcasm - you betcha and I don't plan to give that up LOL. But never the cheerleader (even when I WAS one). Never the YOU CAN DO IT type. But oh my the difference 5 months can make. Younique is a direct sales company - yep - a naturally based cosmetics company that sells the freaking best mascara out there. But it is SO MUCH MORE. I have met hundreds of ladies, and men, who have FILLED my days and nights with positivity, with encouragement, with life lessons and wisdom to help me daily AND in my business. We do not COMPETE with each other. We HELP each other. We are their during each other's struggles. We lift each other up. MAN it is powerful! AND I make money doing it. I mean DANG - doesn't get better than that.

 This video is amazing:

It's a blessing. I am blessed.

UPDATE: Logan was not on the Autism Spectrum. Still not taking this entry down though - I meant every word. I would be okay if he was Autistic but I am thankful he doesn't have that hurdle to deal with in life. He is my little hero no matter what!

Riley, Peyton, Cameron: LOVE you sweet babies!

Friday, January 16, 2015

My how life has changed....

So many things have changed since my last post! rainbow #2 was born :) His name is Lucas! He was born 7/13/2014 and he is a joyous blessing! This is a picture from a few days ago when he turned 6 months old! MY HOW TIME FLIES! Life with two kiddos is C R A Z Y ! But I wouldn't change it for the world!

Right before Lucas was born I FINALLY got my first smart phone! Well THANK GOODNESS I did! Cause let's face it - um - not a WHOLE LOT I can do with a baby napping on me other than read or search online LOL both which can be done from my smart phone! Smart phones need smarter batteries but whatever haha! I LOVE MY PHONE! ;)

So I am a Facebooker big time! On it all the time - love it - in all honesty it is how I stay connected with life because this mama does NOT leave the house pretty much at all - I am not equipped to handle these two out and about by myself - I mean if I HAD to I could but I don't have to so I don't leave often. Anyways.... One day I was popping around and I see I was added to a Lash group or something. I was like umm okay... ignored it and then every day a new amazing picture was popping up in my newsfeed of before & after pictures of women's eyelashes! I have always liked makeup but never been a HUGE makeup wearer BUT I ALWAYS have wanted amazing eyelashes. Always trying new mascara that is supposed to have amazing results. OF COURSE they always FAIL miserably and disappoint me!! So after 6 days of seeing these pictures I finally take the plunge and buy some...there is a love it guarantee if I don't love it I can return it for a full refund! COOL!

So I get it a week or so later and try it and WOW I was so impressed!!! These were MY results below! Crazy stinking awesome! SO I posted on my FB timeline and asked if any friends would be interested if I had a party.... at least 10 were SO I was like well I gotta have a party....Then I thought about it - looked at the awesome kit and was like hmmm I wonder what it costs to sell. So I looked. $99 well geesh! I can sell the mascara I get in the kit because I already bought one....that gets me $30 back so yup I'm gonna sell it - worst thing that can happen is I just pay my kit back - break even - have a ton of awesome makeup. So 4 days after getting the mascara I was a presenter! CRAZY AWESOME!

Even cooler than that? The FB group of ALL the women in my team was AMAZING about helping me learn how to start selling! They are the FASTEST GROWING DIRECT SALES COMPANY EVER!!!!! Want to know why? SOCIAL MEDIA! Most presenters do ALL selling online! So I am a stay at home mom and that is HUGE for me! Every other company out there does in home parties. You CAN do those with Younique but you don't have to... So I have been LOVING it! I have a chance now to EARN A CRUISE TO JAMAICA! Whhhaaattt!? Yup and I am super psyched! Anyone who signs has the possibility to earn the cruise. We have until May 31st! Well so I just NEEDED to share how great this company has been for me - here is a video of the application of the mascara AND another quick one about how it has changed my life in so many ways!!!

My demo video

How Younique has changed my life!

So I LOVE this company I LOVE this decision I made and I can't wait to see where it will take me!
I have my FB page and page to join my team etc. in the column on the right. Check it out! Please feel free to let me know if you are interested!

Riley, Peyton, & Cameron,

Mommy & Daddy miss you so very much! I think about you every day and I know that you watch over your brothers! Please love each other and give Nana hugs and kisses for me! One day we will all be together but until then I know that you are watching over all of us! I love you sweet babies <3

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The BUSYness of motherhood

I haven't blogged in FOREVER. I am a busy mama nowadays with a very active 2 year old and I am also pregnant with rainbow #2 and in my third trimester so I am more than a little exhausted. LOL

But I am blessed.

I feel like a sign with that statement on it placed throughout the house would be helpful some days. As in life without children - you get stressed - well it happens just the same with children. It is a HUGE blessing to be a stay at home mom but sometimes it is rather stressful. It's hard to see our house get all messy because I am enjoying time with my little boy. I feel like I am being a horrible housewife but being a great mommy. Surely that is more important BUT after days of little things piling up in the kitchen it becomes quite an eye sore and then I get stressed. UGH.

I went to see the movie "Mom's Night Out" last night. I highly recommend it. There is a touching part where the main character says she isn't "good enough" and another character basically says "For you, you mean." THAT really hit me. My little Logan loves me with all his sweet heart (and now my pregnant emotional self is tearing up), and my husband loves me. I think that I just need to love MYSELF a bit more. I think often as mothers WE are our worst enemies. It is hard to LIVE where you "work". I don't mean that to sound like I view my child as a "job" so to speak but if you are a stay at home mom I am sure you get my point.

When you have a job outside your house and you don't get something done you know that you have to do it when you go back to work. When you are a stay at home mom and taking care of your child(ren) and the house is your job you pass by EVERYTHING that needs to be done ALL THE TIME. It is just plain exhausting and some days it is a bit much for me to handle. There is always something that needs to be done. Maybe it is amplified because I am pregnant and nesting and a bit looney. Who knows. But sometimes it all just overwhelming.

We finally accomplished a HUGE thing in our house. We turned the front room into a playroom! I have been wanting this for almost 2 years, since we bought this house, and it is DONE. I am thrilled.

Front room: BEFORE(if you look closely there are 3 orbs - 2 by the curtains one by the shelf)

AFTER: Flooring redone and crap cleaned out

AFTER: other side of the room - my 31 items for parties, and a church pew & place for shoes

LOGAN sees his new playroom! HE LOVES IT

So if you take a look at that BEFORE picture. I had time to get about 1/2 of that stuff looked through (maybe more) and either thrown out, or stored at my parents (as we have NO attic AND no basement here so virtually no storage). Well the rest that couldn't be looked through is now in Lucas' room (rainbow #2 who I am currently pregnant with) and his 8 x 10 room is STUFFED with crap. So now of course I am stressing about that getting done. So I will slowly work on it and get it done and then hubby will look through his part and life will carry on. BUT I want it done LOL. Like NOW. If only it were that easy!

Also, Logan is starting Early Intervention as he is still barely saying any words. He still doesn't even say mama or dada! Basically just Oh, No, and Hiya. So anyways those appointments for speech will start soon I hope. Which adds more to the schedule. HOPEFULLY it will help me keep the house tidy (since people will be in it more LOL) and also help my little love muffin TALK - FINALLY!

Well, for now that is all. Just a little busy mommyhood talk. If YOU are a mommy, whether stay at home or working out of the home....remember YOU can only do your best. Somedays that is better than others but YOUR child LOVES YOU!

REMEMBER TO LOVE YOURSELF! And give yourself a whole lot of grace for those days when you feel like your life is a big ole mess. Most likely you are the only one who sees it that way. So love yourself a bit ladies, take even a few moments for yourself and remember JUST BE YOU. You are ENOUGH!  <3

If you are a mother still waiting to have a child.... (((hugs))) to you. The journey is not easy for those of us who have dealt with loss. YOU need to give yourself even more grace and love. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I miss my heavenly babies EVERY day. That does not change but I wish and pray for you that you will one day hold a baby in your arms.


Riley, Peyton, & Cameron,

Mommy misses you. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. You are always in my heart and often I see pictures and wonder how different those pictures would be, how different life would be if you were here with us. I believe God gave us little Logan who's heart has SO much love, so much sweetness (he just came over and hugged me when he saw me tearing up just now) and maybe a large part of that comes from the three of you. When he jabbers on and smiles into thin air in the playroom I often wonder if he sees you Cameron and you are speaking a twin language with him that only you two can understand. When he runs around I wonder if the three of you are there with him and only his sweet little eyes can see you. I think they can. I think he sees you often. And that warms my heart. Please give Nana a huge from me. We miss her dearly as well. I love you sweet babies. ALWAYS <3

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cup of Kindness...

Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day so as we remember our sweet babies I thought it would be a good day to do a post about the need for a bit more kindness....

Through the past 3 and a half years I have gone through a lot. I have aged a lot. I have learned a lot. Most assuredly I can say that we should view the world differently. Everyone should view their surroundings, their situations, and peoples attitudes differently. EVERYONE is going through SOMETHING. Maybe that is why that guy was a jerk to you in the parking lot. Maybe that lady was snippy with you because her mother just passed away. MAYBE that person is 1 in 4 and they just lost a child.


We can't presume to have any idea what those around us are going through. Just because there are people like me who ARE vocal about their loss doesn't mean there aren't thousands (the majority I imagine) who suffer in silence. If you have experienced a loss and have a blog or Facebook account and mention your sweet little ones gone too soon then you are vocal to an extent. BUT I am sure there were many times that you suffered in silence. Whether it be someone asking "is this your first baby" or "do you have any kids" or "isn't it great to have one boy and one girl".... and you choose not to say anything about your angels. We all, I believe, suffer in silence at points.

So do those around us. So do those we don't know and may never know. I TRY to remember this when someone is snippy with me in line getting groceries or rude when I bump into them by mistake with my purse. I try but I fail sometimes, especially when they are rude while I am driving ;)

Nonetheless my point is I wish people were less judgmental to mothers like me who have lost their children, but also just to people in general.

I feel like as a babyloss mom there is extra guilt in parenting. I am probably the one causing that guilt and I am sure ALL mothers have it to an extent. But I feel like Logan is my sweet, precious, cuddly miracle boy and I often think I am not a good enough mom. That I don't do as much as I could because this is all new to me. Then when I DO feel like I am being a good mom my house is a giant pile of stuff everywhere. So if it's not guilt for one thing it's guilt for another.

Speaking of guilt and judgment..... what is WITH PEOPLE? Why does society believe that being a stay at home mom is a luxury or that it is lazy? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!? Let me just let you know I am NOT against parents working - I am not against daycare, etc. we ALL do what we have to do. HOWEVER I feel stay at home moms are constantly judged. I would like one of these judgmental idiots to set foot in any mom's house of one child (let alone MORE than that) and then tell me we have LUXURIOUS lives or that we are LAZY! Also you may think well you could use more money, why don't you work? Well - daycare is CRAZY expensive and there is no way I am going to work just to make enough money to pay someone else to watch my son.... nope, not happening.

If someone ever asked me "What do you DO all day?" I think I may slap them - or at least I would LOOK like I was about to slap them! Being a stay at home mom is not a job, it is a blessing but that doesn't mean it's EASY! For one you NEVER have time off....even during naps because you know what? That's when the dishes, laundry, and all that fun cleaning get done because there's sure no time for that with a toddler running around like a cute little monster! There are very few times I get a break - by break I mean NO errands to run but just enjoying myself seeing a movie or going to dinner. I usually try to get out with my husband once a month but that doesn't always happen. In the last 17 1/2 months I have gone out with a friend(s) maybe 8-10 times. And really that is LUCKY (and I know I am blessed to have those moments) But, then there are those that judge how I spend that little time off. That 5 hours a month when I go out with my husband.

Why all the judgment. Why do people feel they have a right to judge people? I am a good mom! Am I perfect? No! Is anyone?  NO! So unless you TRULY have a reason to judge someone - don't - get off your high horse and realize PEOPLE ARE ALL DIFFERENT! I don't judge those who have daycare or leave their child with a sitter or relative all day long during the week so I don't expect to be judged because I stay at home. Every now and then I leave the house with only SOCKS on Logan's feet (oh the horror) when it's nice out - - when he was younger there was even a time (GASP) I went to the grocery store quick with him in pjs! OH GOOD GOLLY how awful! Do I think there are people who would judge that? YEP! Do I care? I don't want to....but yea if I could tell someone was judging me - I would care. That's the joy of mommy guilt.

So with all that said - take a minute - WE HAVE ALL JUDGED SOMEONE - and we will ALL do it again even if just for a brief second before we mentally slap ourselves. It will happen. When that time comes take a good look in the mirror, search your heart.....most likely you will realize that judgment was uncalled for - if there were more people taking a breath and THINKING before they say judgmental things or stopping themselves from giving a judgmental glare wouldn't a few people's days be just a bit brighter?

I think so....

Here's some pics of me and sweet Logan....

“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
 For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
 For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
 For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day.
 For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
  People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
 As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.”
Sam Levenson

Riley, Peyton, & Cameron,

Mama and Daddy love you SO MUCH! We miss you every day! I know that you watch over your brother....thank you for that <3 I wish I could hug you all. I wish you were here. But, I know that you are happy and living it up with Nana and all your heavenly family. Give all those little babies hugs. Many mamas and daddy's hearts are hurting. Send us all some peace and know that you are loved. I will hold you in my heart forever sweet ones....until we meet in Heaven.  ~Love, Your Mama

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